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Of the foreign country " moon " round round -- 1000 appearance the foreign furni
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Foreign furniture enters Chinese market in a large-scale is in last few years thing. Suddenly, these coming from at Europe, America, even the entrance furniture of southeast Asia lets see be used to of Chinese style furniture we shine at the moment, original, the furniture that serves as main articles for daily use has been deduced so much by these foreigners appearance is colorful.

Although we cannot conclude at this point,say " the circle that foreign moon compares China " , but different country, the furniture of different district makes the one side that having its to be worth to draw lessons from, it is infiltrating every area distinctive humanitarian with inside accumulate, and different school, the furniture that has a color each is right of art and beauty show adequately, it is body more those who reveal each country people is laborious with wisdom.

Italian furniture with configuration beautiful, craft is masterly and famed at the world, the craftsman of desire state people be good at using all sorts of new data, develop the simple sense of different material, look at an outstanding Italian furniture, the feeling is just like the brushwork that enjoying renaissance period general. And make " French type life is artistic " the French furniture of one part does not show a trace show the humanitarian spirit with a French distinctive society, show the characteristic of meaning of delicate, cultured, dainty, nice person.

German furniture makes because of nationality like that, their scale accurate, measure appropriate, charge for the making of sth. is excellent, body is revealed German rigorous, true life attitude.

Boreal Europe furniture is the pronoun of contemporary furniture, the feeling that it gives a person has been blown like a breeze general and lively, very pure, make element very simple also, the extreme is moved toward on colour, having sharp contrast.

Spain is classic furniture pledges in material very exquisite, elegant cloth with the sew side elaborate bag, extremely show gorgeous color.

Southeast Asia furniture mirrorred the bosom He Ruizhi of Oriental indifferent to fame or benefit with the style of pure and fresh nature, concise quietly elegant, cany art and small bench lighted people to return to the primitive desire of nature again.

Here, foreign furniture it may be said is each has his strong point, present a 1000 appearance the one side of 100 condition, they go up in formal expression probably endless and identical, but having a bit is applicable to both or all however, they happen to coincide mirrorred a nation, the distinctive scene of an area and humanitarian spirit. Perhaps, it is the most worth while to contain in these the humanitarian spirit at the back of furniture just is our place praise highly and cherish.