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Individual character careless willow makes up handicraft popular Shandong sunshi
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Grass is made up and willow makes up a kind of traditional handicraft that is Shandong to taste, product wait for natural material deal with to labour weaves and be become by skin of Pu Cao, wicker, corn mostly. But when memory medium grass is made up, willow is made up return us afresh beside when, although still be that familiar flavour, added a lot of new originality and distinguishing feature again in its old lingering charm however.

On August 8, reporter in city of Shandong sunshine sun an individual character lives in small shop to see, the careless willow here makes up full of beautiful things in eyes of breed it may be said, the shoe cabinet that grass is made up, vase, lamps and lanterns, receive a case, willow makes up carry fossa of basket, a basket of flowers, pet to wait. Colour also diversification, have flaxen, green, Brown, coffee, ivory white... find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind making a person.

"Careless willow twines tasting is pure manual product, " young female shopkeeper introduces to the reporter, willow makes up these grass to undertake be braidinged by hand with former zoology plant entirely, act the role of at traditional household relatively article, careless willow is made up without pollution, natural environmental protection, and the style is novel, austere provide with vogue, accordingly more and more get the youth's favour.

The reporter sees in the spot, in 10 come minute in time, 56 girls are twined to taste by these careless willow be attracted. Their some chats with the friend at the same time at the same time incompact choose slow, and some had not bought several a few minutes small adorn tasted.

A dress dresses up very modern girl says, she likes these careless willow that contain rural flavor to fabricate a product very much all the time, several fruit box has been bought before, carry basket and receive ark, coming this is to want to buy a bookshelf. "This can compare what buy in furniture store the sort of individual character became much, not only practical, good-looking vogue. " she says.