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High temperature sends cany bamboo furniture popular
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After the plum going out on Shanghai, air temperature picks up gradually, adjacent already " burner day " . As the change of weather, each everybody house sells Shanghai a cloth art furniture the sale begins fall after a rise, and cany art, bamboo makes furniture gradually sell like hot cakes. We are mixed from music in relief road Shanghai too road furniture building materials sells an understanding to arrive, because cany art, bamboo makes furniture have its of heat of cool and refreshing disappear idiosyncratic, with other cloth art furniture rises quite, get of broad consumer chase after hold in both hands, the sale begins popular.

Change of sales volume of furniture of bamboo of noisy cane of be deceived Hou Ying is red

Plum rains season just passed, our phone interviewed on Shanghai a few famous furniture building materials to sell, recently the influence as a result of climate, sales volume of cloth art furniture somewhat fall after a rise, and cany art, bamboo makes furniture be held in both hands by the heat of consumer.

According to Ji Chengwei Liu Wei of manager of nation market department introduces: Furniture of nearly two days of cloth art gets no longer of consumer love, the cloth of field sells previously art furniture whole sales volume is 300 thousand yuan are controlled, glide now 50 thousand yuan do not arrive. And cany art, bamboo makes furniture sales volume rapid change raises. Gold-rimmed cane art, wood of 3 numerous bamboo cany art, bamboo makes such old brand furniture buys the home to value in the summer, occasionally such brand does not go out 3 days two one day even odd, but give sheet everyday almost these days.

Reason of cany bamboo furniture returns to city family

Before a few years, once for a time disfavor cany art, bamboo makes sofa of bed of furniture and cany chair, cane, cane, bamboo screen of mat, bamboo, and the product such as cany box has returned to Shanghai to go up sadly in recent years each big family, be had grade public figure for a time heat is held in both hands and favor.

Nowadays, walk into each old furniture building materials sells on Shanghai, discover those are clean not hard bright beautiful, the cany bamboo furniture that industry of beautiful and easy, energy weaves and becomes and other household articles for use. Before with modelling the charm of quietly elegant of novelty of chic, design, colour is attracting many customers, they all are viewed and admire with the choose and buy.

Environmental protection is durable it is Zhutengyi sells a site greatly

As we have learned, furnishing the furniture that is raw material make it with cany bamboo is more popular now decorate means, bamboo of sofa of bamboo of chair of bamboo of bed of bamboo of the cane on the market, cane, cane, cane is worn wait to already became Shanghai to make up the first selection that repairs a family. And cany bamboo often still matchs with other data, use as ornament, do ring tab with bamboo in the corner of hutch ark for example, in ligneous sofa among do back of a chair to wait a moment with bamboo. In the meantime, the cany bamboo furniture that uses pure natural plant to raw material weaves and be become also can be worn in the flash in the bedroom of summer elegant burnish.
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