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A person of academic or artistic distinction of the 20th international is provid
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This year, furniture exhibits the name to already had walked along 20 10 years. These 10 years, it is the gold of Chinese furniture 10 years. The furniture that centers most as industry brand is exhibited, renown furniture postpones line of business of since China furniture the witness person of this paragraph of brilliant course, it is the important person that drive more. A person of academic or artistic distinction provided domestic development to condense the painstaking effort of public figure of government, trade and numerous entrepreneur and agency. On September 4, renown furniture exhibited an organizing committee to hold royal " have you all the way: International a person of academic or artistic distinction is provided (Dongguan) exhibition 10 years of celebration " the evening party, to greeting of all circles personage, appeal to each conte of celebrity of a few furniture through telling at the same time, reviewed a name 10 years.
On September 6, the 20th renown furniture is exhibited kick off grandly. Current extend meeting scope 240 thousand square metre, among them 7 exhibit a house formally, two exhibit a house temporarily, ginseng postpone business in all many 830.

Face test, chinese furniture company sends force

Current exhibit on the meeting, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to present the situation that let a hundred flowers blossom, most conspicuous is two kinds of phenomena:
One of, it is to oneself the brand moves toward the ginseng of the international market to exhibit trade caravan five to expand further. Enlighten the ginseng such as letter, Xin Weisai postpones a business is among them forerunner, xin Weisai overseas already owned more than 30 brand shop; And the window furniture company of the city of the person that above average on market of sale in domestic market, this year in May, its the flagship store of 4000 square metre in sand spy capital Liyade comes on stage ceremoniously, strode the first situation that oneself the brand enters an international market successfully. Upgrade as the industry the development of the action, more and more Chinese furniture companies begin the OEM with simple change to export way, begin to try to be outputted to overseas market brand.

Secondly, the enterprise of the market outside dedicated in the past Yu Hai, had turned round increasingly now to come, turn to home, active open up field of World War II. This team is exhibited nearly a few times can expanding quickly all the time, if the stage rises, letter power, at the height of power and splendour, foreign official, enlighten drive of Europe, lens power, look, high mark. Renown furniture exhibits inside and outside to sell give attention to two or morethings, become the export business with numerous driving actual strength to enter the first selection platform of home market.
"From long-term in light of, the foreground of domestic furniture market very broad, space is very large also, the rate that the consumption level of consumer conforms with international is very rapid also, we also saw this market prospect, although do not have,so this was planted last year the change of market environment, we or meeting make market of sale in domestic market, this is the problem of time time only. " Zhan Jiang is believed power Zhaowen says president so.
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