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The furniture that be not wood has a good swim with price advantage and special
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Present young and fashionable gens can serve those without what interest expensive awful woodiness furniture, light the furniture is not wood that exceeds cruel again is them of course is new bestow favor on, these originality bright, colour furniture of exaggerated of gorgeous, modelling, must bring the person's feeling into sunshine world, and with its new aesthetic influence the eyeball of people is mixed cerebrum. The material of the furniture that be not wood may be not new, at present metal, glass, Zhu Teng is mixed plastic remain the most welcome, also be the most general material, but the science and technology of change quickly already was their infuse extraordinary vitality, make their coruscate is worn glamorous sheen.
Metallic furniture

What is decoration is being made with the metal in the home already new technique, a lot of people flaunt the avant-courier of oneself with metallic adornment. Metal appears the earliest in simple boiler, bowl, gourd ladle, basin only, and nowadays, the lubricious person that likes a metal can be developed to the top of one's bent in the home in oneself. From aluminium metope of board condole top, aluminium board lies to fender of metallic mesa, metal, metal cupboard door, even face of bedplate of cover of metallic central heating, window, floor. Reach the ground from the top, the metallic result that the hope presents in the home, want to get only, can do get. Mix in the kitchen especially bathroom these special family spaces, metallic furniture already occupied position in contemporary furniture by right of his characteristic. The metallic buy thing that we often see in daily life is worn, simple, agile, size is large, bring a lot of to the life; The seat that the metal feels character, the iciness the metal feels and the simple line photograph of steel tube is united in wedlock, no matter pledge feeling or visual effect reflected the distinctive innovation of stylist, accord with the contracted style that contemporary household advocates; Computer desk uses metallic ability to pledge, the style is simple, cover an area of an area small, but however the size is large; Computer, mouse, clavier, file each with respect to everybody. Make the job more relaxed, more convenient.

Plastic furniture

Plastic furniture is very familiar to us, right like people the dependence of electric lamp is same, plastic products also makes the indispensable thing in people life, sweep your room, you can discover everywhere of plastic in your life products is visible, be like crust of plastic bucket, plastic basin, electric equipment. However besides petty gain, we notice the other good point of plastic furniture rarely. Actually, compared with the furniture that lumber or metallic stuff make, plastic furniture also has its distinct advantage. Plastic plasticity is extremely strong, can process any form, its color is rich at the same time, match extremely easily with other furniture, can say plastic furniture already pervaded each corners of the family. It is for instance in little space, choose a few color the plastic seat with rich, fluent line, adorn little space, can make domestic atmosphere more lively, can say even more artistic; Plastic chair face and metallic chair leg are united in wedlock, it is the commonly used gimmick of stylist, reflected the popular style that contemporary household designs.
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