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Furniture of green bamboo rattan gradually make good
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Green furniture should include the content of two respects at least: It is product itself should accord with environmental protection requirement on one hand, also want to accord with environmental protection requirement in the product process that make on the other hand. From these two respects character, furniture of rattan of our country bamboo is the green furniture of be worthy of undoubtedly.

With respect to whole world big environment looks, the protection of silvan natural resources already became big trend, our country was to carry out more natural forest protect a project, the broad part of a historical period of the furniture that make is strong miscellaneous wood natural resources is very limited. And cane of our country bamboo is resourceful, quantity of bamboo forest area, save up and bamboo crop all reside the coronal of the world. Bamboo itself is had grow fast, become a useful person the characteristic with early, cycle weak point, high yield, build bamboo to want to manage only reasonable can use continuously. Accordingly, below the situation that lacks increasingly in global lumber resource, the main force that bamboo becomes prospective furniture is to accord with green environmental protection of optimal choice.

A large number of sawdust that in making a provided process, lumber produces, dust, noise and free formaldehyde, it is harmful to human body, the element that does not accord with requirement of green environmental protection. And bamboo rattan furniture is rarer in the process that make these problems, and moisture absorption, absorption of heat, insect-resistant eat by moth, in all sorts of function such as not light changeful body, craze, come unglued are equivalent to or exceeding high-grade hard miscellaneous wood. As to make a few more exquisite bamboo furniture, choose normally produce the bamboo of high grade Nan from laurel, Hunan, another name for Jiangxi Province. Via detecting, its arrange grain tensile strength is cherry wood 2 times, 2.5 times of fir.

Bamboo rattan furniture passes strict treatment processing, have flexibility good, permeability is strong, qualitative feeling nature, feel is comfortable and relaxed, chic, accord with human body force to learn to mix the engineering is mechanical wait for a characteristic. Not only such, elegance of exterior of bamboo rattan furniture makes the same score nature of beautiful and solid, easy, press close to, have very tall view and admire a gender, can show master style and grade, make the person can feel blow on the face and the breath of Chinese traditional culture that come.

Accompany people living standard raise the buildup with environmental protection consciousness, bamboo rattan furniture makes much big city in home, be like and other places of Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Qingdao more and more be current, also get on the international market Japan, Euramerican the welcome that waits for country and area. Estimate OK and hopefully, want furniture of rattan of our country bamboo to make the good qualities that pays attention to study abroad furniture already and distinguishing feature in the design only, do not lose the dominant position of Chinese conventional furniture again, so the development foreground on the international market will be very considerable.
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