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Grass of bamboo cane willow becomes gold -- Anhui bureau gives aid to convention
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The exit technology product that careless goods of bamboo cane willow is tradition of the Anhui province, rise in price in Yuan Fucai makings etc a lot of below influence of adverse to exporting a company element, the exit of careless goods of bamboo cane willow still maintained driving growth momentum. This year first half of the year, classics Anhui examines quarantine bureau examines Liu Cao goods maintains the Zhu Teng that quarantine exports to grow impetus strong, export money worth increases 139.2% compared to the same period.

Careless goods of willow of cane of bamboo of the Anhui province enjoys taller reputation all the time in foreign market. But because breed is various, machine craft differ in thousands ways, establishment of manufacturing company hardware, level of management is uneven, from personnel of course of study overall quality is inferior, abroad examines quarantine requirement is stricter and stricter etc, examine unqualified phenomenon produces quarantine from time to tome, caused severe loss to concerned enterprise, produced undesirable effect to the development of the industry. For this, anhui bureau examines quarantine personnel adopts multinomial measure to ensure leave the country the quality of careless goods of Zhu Teng willow is safe.

Firm catchs fountainhead, carry out in the round leave the country company of production of careless goods of Zhu Teng willow is registered register. This year, anhui bureau is carried out in the round leave the country company of production of careless goods of bamboo cane willow registers the job that register, make an enterprise be perfected further be controlled with poisonous and evil living things, harmful material and the source control of go against the river quality management system that is core. Strengthen pair of raw material to enter treatment of factory, production, Chu Yunhe the quality of whole process safety such as exit guards a pass with control, make an enterprise strengthen epidemic prevention and safe and wholesome measure, raise manufacturing technology level, remove evil living things and poisonous and harmful material on fountainhead then, ensure product quality, reduce exit risk. Among them special supervise and urge the enterprise fathers to involve raw material import, requirement enterprise builds Yuan Fucai makings to supply square qualification to evaluate a system, ensure former complementary makings is eligible. Current, the Anhui province already had many 100 enterprise to finish register register. Register through registering, help strong discard of low quality, drove enterprise ego to perfect, ego develops, altered the aspect with backward level of management of whole of industry of careless products of bamboo cane willow.

The process is controlled, strengthen what to leaving the country the system of epidemic prevention management of company of careless products of bamboo cane willow moves a condition to supervise. Supervise and urge the enterprise builds chain of product quality responsibility, the member machine a person of a working procedure after making clear is in charge of product of process of the line before examining, layer upon layer guard a pass, annulus annulus photograph is buckled, ensure final product quality is eligible. It is easy to be aimed at careless goods of bamboo cane willow circumstance of mildewy, verminous, anhui bureau aggrandizement to leaving the country careless goods of Zhu Teng willow produces those who machine craft to evaluate, divide harm manage way according to what the industry differs (evaporate is boiled, stoving, suffocating, air is basked in etc) , determine the quarantine risk of the product. Adopt at the same time mouldproof, insect-resistant, defend the multinomial measure such as rat, ensure production, treatment, deposit wait for link to accord with requirement of quarantine epidemic prevention. Additional, adopt all sorts of approaches, collect an analysis to change plant epidemic situation and foreign quarantine requirement, direct company has specific aim ground to organize production.
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