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Cane of 72 years old of old actor makes up an animal
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Cupreous benevolence city Guizhou name artisan Mr Zhang Guoliang of 72 years old, a half moon created last a period of time meticulously a cane groups animal travel goods, preparation goes attending colorful Guizhou the skillful craftsman match of cupreous benevolence area.

The reporter is in home of Mr Zhang Guoliang to see yesterday, the cane that he creates makes up an animal to have leopard of tiger, spot, leopard, phoenix, deer, horse (the) that be like a graph, choose entirely collect from Buddhist clean a mountainous area cane is made, every animal is lifelike, pattern is clear.

Be Mr Zhang Guoliang of 72 years old is bureau of culture of cupreous benevolence city emeritus cadre, love woodcarving art, was judged to be Guizhou 2000 home of 10 great folk art. The cane of his original creation makes up artwork to attend bear the palm of contest of colorful Guizhou skillful craftsman two years continuously, he himself also is obtained two years continuously accordingly " Guizhou name artisan " title.

Mr Zhang Guoliang tells a reporter, suffer what the cane that make makes up Fu Wa to inspire, the star caricature cane that next year he still plans to create the masses such as Zhao Benshan to love is made up, the year after next makes the cane of ethical amorous feelings of cupreous benevolence area make up.