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Cany art furniture is popular Shenzhen
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Once for a time " disfavor " cany bamboo furniture and its goods, mat of screen of sofa of chair of bed resembling a cane, cane, cane, bamboo, bamboo and cany box return to city family sadly again of late, and more and more get the favour of each district citizen.

Recently, the reporter is able to bear or endure from the rich near the window that is located in Shenzhen world household square " cany Wang Fu " brand shop sees, people pursuit returns uncut jade to return true, advocate natural today, the cane makes furniture already entered fashionable arena afresh. Through improved handiwork Indonesian cane makes furniture with those who be full of artistic breath is pure and fresh, natural, idiosyncratic, got many consumer favor.

Indonesian cane is top grade

How to choose good cany furniture? According to expert introduction, indonesian cane material is best choice, not only beautiful and very durable. High grade cany material thick cane is general colour and lustre is well-balanced without shading, full without craze, and bear it is good to press a gender, stretch and dye-in-the-wood do not have branch phenomenon. Basically pure handiwork braids cany furniture, because the stand or fall of this craft is direct the influence is excellent provided quality and exterior.

Feel of good cany material surface is flowing and comfortable, do not prick a hand, paint colour and lustre is even, ply is consistent, and cloth art part is sutural close, suture is close together and orderly. Choosing a cane kind when furniture, had better choose braid craft careful and orderly, density is even, be in cane interface nature is beautiful, join close-grained, have sex place wrap up compact and beautiful.  
Cany furniture is recreational and decorous

A lot of people feel the cane makes furniture too civilian is changed, so, how to let its become decorous and be full of new idea?

The opinion of stylist is, besides the design that tries to be unique besides the choose and buy, still can add carpet to undertake decorating, such not only the flaw that remedied a cane to make furniture sheet move colour and horniness ground, also promoted whole the grade of household environment and class.

The reporter notices, the cane such as bookshelf of screen of sofa of chair of the cany desk that a lot of brands roll out now, cane, cane, bamboo, cane makes furniture do manual work careful, model is original, color mostly natural guileless and simple sense is strong, what take urbanization in primitive syncopation is decorous, can make the bedroom is full of carefree, free from worry, halcyon natural sentiment. Among them, the circular cane of vitreous mesa makes table and furniture of combination of chair of thick cane all directions very conspicuous. In addition, the double drawer desk with concise and cabinet, lively bulk, lover desk, distinct, strewn at random have the vine that send almirah, multi-purpose lamp holder of ark, stage all make a person fondle admiringly.
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