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Precious jade hill tradition is braided spruce annul abroad
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On September 23, install autonomous county of the Yao nationality in Guangxi river pool ground Su Xiang decides a village greatly, the villager basks in a tradition to braid handicraft in air.

Autonomous county of Chi Douan the Yao nationality encourages Guangxi river actively and give aid to bamboo cane careless awn braids an industry to establish company of imports and exports, make a product according to southeast Asia and Euramerican characteristic, precious jade the tradition such as Shan Zhu, cane, careless, awn braids handicraft to push to the international market. This year 1 to in July, careless awn of cane of this county bamboo braids handicraft to export the forehead to amount to many yuan 6000, value added tax of turn over to the higher authorities 5.57 million yuan.