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Furniture exporter carries valence to add sale in domestic market to be hibernat

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The United States second the economy that shifts the crisis to cause puts delay, purchasing power to drop, make suffer originally tired appreciate at the RMB, raw material rises in price the furniture export business that waits for a problem faces more adverse market environment. Reporter from Asian dimensions the oldest China International furniture is exhibited yesterday on understanding arrives, many exporter already began to raise export price, adjust industrial structure or increase share of sale in domestic market, with period the winter that spends an industry peacefully.

One cannot say for sure of furniture company profit

According to director of Chinese furniture association Guqing article introduces, the high speed that past is Chinese furniture industry 16 years develops period, average production is added fast control in 30 % , exit is added fast more be as high as 34 - 35 % , the manufacturing production value of countrywide furniture industry achieved 540 billion yuan of RMB 2007, exit more break through 20 billion dollar to close greatly. Current, china has become the oldest furniture on the world to produce a country, also be country of exit of the biggest furniture.

But enter 2008, furniture exports purchasing power to drop. The custom first half of the year exports data to show this year, the exit of wooden furniture is measured relatively the corresponding period decreased last year 6. 4 % . Gu Qingwen says, the enterprise that gives priority to with improvement trade is difficult especially big, since this year, 3 furniture of Zhejiang 1 / the industry appeared deficit, deficit specified number increased one times full. Occupy the personage inside course of study additionally to divulge, guangdong Dongguan company of more than 3000 furniture, already more than 1000 close down.

Even if survive in shuffle the enterprise that come down, also felt pressure apparently. New inferior domestic 俬 company already grew 18 years in Dongguan, export business occupies the 80 % that to this company total battalion receives, occupy again to beautiful exit among them among them 15 % . Be in yesterday exhibit on the meeting, wu Wenshuo of this company director tells a reporter, american order is affected this year apparently, and the exit condition of predicting next year will be poorer, the business has made the preparation of get close to. Wu Wenshuo expresses, the expenditure below the province after the company leaves one's post partial labour force increases technical staff directly, develop ability in order to preserve the design of follow-up development.

Raw material rises in price 30 - 50 %

Drop besides international purchasing power, of raw material price go up raise also is furniture export business cannot evasive problem. Wu Wenshuo tells a reporter, rise to get used to those who export a doorsill, what the enterprise uses now is environmental protection material, price nature wants tower above many. Accordingly, at present this company no matter iron pledges or woodiness furniture, export price raised 30 % . Although this is likely,cause order amount directly decrease, but he expresses, "The quantity does not have profit greatly, not as small as the quantity still advantageous profit " .

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