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Allied country home loves to install bamboo cane careless awn to braid handicraf
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"The basket of be wounded in fight of small and exquisite, green blue alternate with, beautiful practical... " on August 14, a travelling merchant comes to Laos installed village of Dan Yang of autonomous county of the Yao nationality to look to braid sample, gasp in admiration incessant, order 100 thousand " basket of be wounded in fight " , value 400 thousand yuan of RMBs. How be encouraged actively and give aid to bamboo cane careless awn braids an industry to establish company of imports and exports, precious jade Shan Zhuteng careless awn braids handicraft to push eastwards the international market such as alliance. 1 to in July, careless awn of cane of this county bamboo braids handicraft to export the forehead to amount to many yuan 6000, value added tax of turn over to the higher authorities 5.57 million yuan.

Dou Angen is occupied Vietnam, Laos, Kampuchea, Philippine, Indonesian etc east demand of market of allied country home and folk are consuetudinary, production goes out be saleable the bamboo cane careless awn of satisfy the need braids handicraft. Current, the bamboo cane careless awn that this county forms masser production to manage braids an enterprise 25, the company that has self-supporting exit right among them has 8. Do Jiang Zhuteng to braid course of study greatly to do, this county acts as actively about business section each server, had done give aid to, guide kimono Wu to work, through attending China - east alliance exposition, wide make the medium of communication such as the meeting, recommend the bamboo cane careless awn that installs to braid handicraft to travelling merchant of China and foreign countries. This county builds division of garden of two big industry, to braid door enlarge scale of production to provide a room; Coordinate each function branch to simplify administration examines and approve a program, in a limited time service, offer for taxpayer " one window type " , " one-stop " service; High pay invites personnel of expert, technology to design new product to braid an enterprise, ceaseless innovation brand and improve product quality; Still accelerate rural informatization to build pace, raise level of the sale on the net, endeavor to widen overseas market.