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Arteries and veins of blood of cross-strait folk craft is linked together
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Just about when perfect conjugal bliss, borrowing " exposition of culture of folk of Shanghai nation folk-custom " platform, taiwan home of 39 folk craft, carry nearly 100 work, in the big family that blends in culture of the Chinese nation. Taiwan craft develops association director Huang Anfu, when accepting this company reporter special report, with all sorts of feelings say: "Cross-strait folk craft is the same as a source with the root, hematic arteries and veins is linked together, forever won't, inseparable also. Inseparable also..

Lacquer " carry on one's shoulder " , " coagulate sweet " , pottery and porcelain " grain of vulture glair flowers acts the role of a bowl " , the cane is made up " receive sunlight " , " round the mouth makes up clairvoyant flower implement " , the skin is acted the role of " celestial being gram comes " , " yearning " , metal " gold orchid, enter the work of the Taiwan craft home that exhibit, although material is different, give priority to a problem in order to spend more however, come in order to convey them in this festival, during adding up to a reunion, extremely happy mood.

Huang Anfu says: "Festival and lucky, it is the theme that cross-strait folk craft voices jointly. If success immediately upon arrival, great plan is exhibited greatly, annual and superabundant, at every turn flexibly, brilliant Teng Da, step by step advanced, it is the desire that the be fond of when civilian craft home is created expresses. And, cross-strait folk craft has common totemic sign, vacate flexibly namely. Torch of Beijing Olympic Games ' auspicious cloud ' the grain that go up is acted the role of, it is one kind is vacated flexibly. It is one kind is vacated flexibly..

Draw on local resources of cross-strait folk technology, develop with economy from beginning to end, with the people the life is united in wedlock cheek by jowl. On draw materials, it is earth, bamboo, cane more at first. After industry grows, had the handicraft such as glass, metal, leather. Nowadays, accept rice appears artisticly, be a specification of change of progress of science and technology or innovation folk craft. Of Yang Cailing of Taiwan craft home " gold orchid basin " , it is to apply accept rice vivid gas to eletroplate technology, on natural orchid, tu Yin, irrigate nickel, again of make it of gold of the 24K on the bag. This work is elegant, but not lack fidelity pure nature.

Move the Huang Anfu that short sleeve of an ecru Chinese style takes, make vitreous sculpture. This year in June the last ten-day of a month, his in advance goes to Shanghai, mix not only the craft of compare notes of home of arts and crafts of Shanghai, return community, impart to ordinary common people craft. Huang Anfu says: "100 old before, the vitreous sculptor that has Shanghai will to Taiwan impart. So, arteries and veins of cross-strait craft blood is interlinked, cent does not leave. " Taiwan people likes very ' spring the young is spent ' , be from what the past passes south Fujian Fujian, it is one kind weaves cloth. It is the adornment that young girl uses when get married so. When the girl gets married, make up a pomegranate model design, insert on the hair, in order to show festival auspicious auspicious much more unripe expensive child. Meet all right to the mother-in-law when the ceremony, the girl should be shown on of appearance of deer, chelonian " spring the son is beautiful " , convey the blessing to the mother-in-law, hope she is healthy and macrobian. Those who give aunty, wife of mother's brother is a kind " 5 blessing are spent " , express blessing, salary, birthday, happy event, peaceful meaning.
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