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Cater to awn of bamboo of brook of market a surname to make up cloth to move tow
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The worker that the awn that press down bamboo crosses to braid product base south is in busy

Recently, , awn of bamboo of one case case braids technology products course to be packed meticulously, always start administrative division of limited company of handicraft of An Delu of city of handicraft limited company, Wu, Wu through Wu city limited company of grand rich technology and Shenzhen foreign trade start company of industry imports and exports, walk out of a country, step metropolitan, push forward Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore east allied country home, and Japan, United States and market of European and other places. The goal of 6 horn eye that there is many 50 thousand bamboo to make at the beginning of last year November exports and other places of Thailand, Malaysia, Japan. This is Cen Xi Liang Fu of factory manager of plant of technology of the live abroad austral city has spoken market conditions.

Na Du of city of a surname brook presses down Feng of boss of southern technology plant to also come out good news: On December 17, 2007, this factory braids many 4450 Zhu Mang goods to hand in company of imports and exports of Shenzhen foreign trade to sell toward east and other places of alliance and Japan, United States.

These sales are mixed to southeast Asia Euramerican the Zhu Mang that waits for the market braids goods all base of city of out Wu state's biggest production of Zhu Mang handicraft crosses a town south Cen Xi city.

Current, the Zhu Mang that whole town production crosses to often be sold south braids technology products to have 120 many breed, among them chair of bamboo basket, of all kinds a basket of flowers, bamboo, cane implement wait for the technology products that give priority to, sell entirely southeasterly inferior, Japan, Euramerican wait for on the world 30 many countries and area, also have particular market in and other places of domestic Shanxi, Tianjin, Fujian. Whole town is engaged in Zhu Mang braiding industry personnel nearly 20 thousand person, zhu Mang braids goods 80% exit arrive overseas market, year export production value can amount to many yuan 6000. Braid technology products to already made pillar industry of place.

Small Zhu Mang braids goods, why does the predestined relationship sell well east alliance and Euramerican market? The author tries to find the solution from manufacturing base --

Use resource to arrive from for private use export

"Scan widely eye shot all bamboo, overflow joyous song of rude emerald green person " . The countryside that this is the bamboo with famed far and near crosses the true portraiture of the town south city of a surname brook.

Zhu Xiangna crosses a town to Zhu Mang of of long standing and well established traditional folk craft weaves the history. Thoughout the history, the farmer habit here is in mountain ridge sloping field, canal edge is riparian, ground of buy of the aimlessly after the house before the room alls over kind of Yi Sheng to a bamboo utensil for holding cooked rice longly easily bamboo (also call thin bamboo strip bamboo) , grow an area by small to big, from fragmentary change to dimensions, form manufacturing base. At present whole town bamboo cultivates an area to amount to many mus 10 thousand, produce per year bamboo raw material many tons 60, only bamboo raw material sells annual produce can amount to 20 million yuan. Many farmers were sent " bamboo money " .
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