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The whole nation mourns cosmopolitan warmth
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How many years past, whether can you remember this afternoon black that has begun to give out heat 3 minutes, flourishing street one becomes silent, the car that because of race against time flight is like leopard previously is active and slow travel, full day is beside you giggle colleague all over the face solemn and respectful, before your quiet establishs a window, the eye contains hot tear, sad and shrill fluted each corner that is just as the thunderbolt advent in rain to be in China, whole world is in silent listen attentively to, it is just the stand in silent tribute of the whole nation of more than 30000 citizens of die.

You won't forget fickle 2008, of that cruelty in May, the big earthquake of that extremely cruel, the brave, cordial, altruistic, efficient, unapproachable cohesive affinity that won't forget to be behaved in institute of this state after the earthquake passes more and humanitarian spirit.

You see come 21 days from May 19, the whole nation falls half-mast, for more than 30000 the soul of a deceased person, the north that becomes a river upstream for sadness plain, for general world good human nature. The red flag descended, it is however in the heart of Chinese and even world person slowly rise, raise an unprecedented historical height. Holy fire stops passed, because of holy fire delivering is to develop one side of fine be apt to likewise, it is passed at stopping at the moment, not derogation, instead aggravate its castiron ray, send in the victim to misfortune at the same time in order to come from abstruse Lin Pi inferior all magical blessings.

The ancients says, national important matter, in offer sacrifices to with army -- sacred place in the first place. But the object of their place hold a memorial ceremony for, be in above all heaven and earth, be in next person. And in the person person, the person that basically show the monarch will be in power equally, and the dead that serves work for for its, never which dynasty has been held for civilian hold a memorial ceremony for. And even go to contemporary China, fall half-mast indicate mourning person, it is national leader more, or the martyr that sacrifices for the country. Now, be the people of die in an accident eventually by the banner of people blood incarnadine and fall, the infinite grief that conveys pair of the soul of a deceased person with national name -- the history hit cold quiver, be on new start however.

Fall half-mast, cry flute is a kind of form, its meaning is more than however Yu Jian's thin surface layer. The person that see those talking says much weller: "For the first time, our ensign resembles a balance, weighed out life of Chinese ordinary people clearly the heft of that heavy. " " having fallinging because of banner, so it just can wave higher in the people's heart. " more somebody this the whole nation mourns Ji Wang can open a kind of brand-new tradition, this kind of tradition is the esteem with individual to the citizen sovereign life. Respect each average life, do not divide lose by force, do not divide gentle and simple, what just can release equality is true justice, ability makes the system is improved somewhat, ability lets human nature open a gorgeous flower on moorland.
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