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Honest cane goods blends in modern esp. physics to read aloud popular Beijing Sh
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With a pair of deft hands, will cane braids fashionable and elegant cane to make furniture, this is the craft of 9 cook not simply, however the skill of Huang Qi of Guangdong Nanhai older generation's person. Also be such, lane of art hand job became a large number of canes a scenery of Nanhai yellow Qi, also established the cane with its famed far and near art industry. Nowadays " wind restoring ancient ways " , let a cane make furniture walk into the life of people afresh. Goods of many Europe type cane are at present popular Beijing, Shanghai each are metropolitan.

Both hands of filar silk cane braids a scenery

The section that blow a cane, chloric bath, sulfureous fume, the skin that cut a cane, core that hit a cane... finishing chair of one cane of Zhang Chan's person, need to pass 40 working procedure at least, calculate dab to also want the time that influences partly 1 day. Secrete of Nanhai yellow Qi develops the plant of products of a cane of the village, the worker on every workshop automation line says, making a cane is armrest have a meal.

Right, all cany finished products in the workshop or semi-manufactured goods out the hand with one deft in pairs. They are wearing a glove, set posture of cane root root adeptly, arrange the cane that lays foundation parallel a little while, cut off end with forceps a little while paragraph redundant cane. When the job, they talk rarely, dedicated at iteration mechanical movement. Made product of 5 years of canes forest eldest sister tells a reporter, the iteration that does not look down upon this cane is braided, every detail cannot make mistake, between the distance between cane, cane spend closely cannot careless. What once make mistake,affect cany product not only is beautiful, can affect quality more.

The worker that braids a workshop by hand is middleaged men and women mostly, native is in the majority, they are only dedicated the scenery before, still saying to look at root root cane to become semi-manufactured goods gradually is very successful the thing of feeling. It is reported, going up century at the beginning of 80 time, every woman meets Huang Qi to want some of manual work to come home to cany products plant do, a dab hand that uses oneself when leisure earns bit of manual fee, allowance family expenses.

Huang Qi exceeds cane of 150 years art history

The cane that speaks of Nanhai yellow Qi art, have historical data account early. The person such as Ou Yangxiu of Northen Song Dynasty makes up those who repair " new Tang Shu " roll " geographical annals " account: "County of Guangzhou, Nanhai, medium government office of superintend and director. Earthy tribute: Banquet of Dian of silver-colored, cane, bamboo, litchi... " clear Dai Daoguang 30 years (1850) add repairs " Nanhai county annals " in write: "Bai Sha (village of Bai Sha of yellow Qi of nowadays Nanhai area) production content in order to boil bovine glue, the core that knit a cane is a large amount of... cany goods, by outside ocean purchases cane, control seat with cany skin, cany core makes chair table, cany silk makes skirt cushion, produce every year more than 10000 packets, carry makes work toward sea export, sale in domestic market holds great majority. " accordingly computative, of Huang Qi make cany history already had 150 old histories up to now.
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