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Cany furniture market is extended ceaselessly
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Cany furniture is in our country is a kind of old furniture, because raw material origin reachs the limitation of the respect reason such as engineering technology, the progress of line of business of past rattan furniture is relatively slow, but the development of cany furniture line of business is very rapid in recent years, it is the dimensions that is in an enterprise, amount, production value no matter go up or the respect such as product commerce was reached to get huge develops in the type of the product, structure, modelling, engineering technology, cany furniture becomes collect art modelling and function, technology and material, value and practical height are unified, the furniture product of appeal and competition ability is full of on current furniture market, the cany furniture of our country is sold as far as to global, the life that gives people brings the rural breath of simple and pure and fresh, quiet and tastefully laid out peaceful, coruscate of cany furniture line of business gives infinite opportunity of survival and energy.

Our country from 20 centuries 70 time begin large-scale plant palmy vine, there is person type of work in production in Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi and Yunnan Zhi Teng forest, but successful proportion is small, show yield very low. Current, chinese former cane produces per year a quantity to be 4000-6000 about ton, top yield is 10000 tons, among them year of crop of Hainan island it is 4000 tons about, highest produce per year a quantity 6500 tons, yunnan produces per year a quantity to be in 1000-2000 ton, two crop yield a division occupy the 90% above of countrywide total output, 20% what homebred Yuan Teng can satisfy a cane to machine place of course of study to want raw material only, the others 80% count an import at present, consequently, raw material of line of business of furniture of our country rattan is in short supply extremely. Predict to produced per year a quantity to be 66000 tons 2010, realize autarky basically, produced per year a quantity to be 106000 tons 2020, below the circumstance that assures autarky, can be exported appropriately or increase the development scope of cany course of study.

The traditional producing area of furniture of our country rattan basically is Yunnan Teng Chong, on the west double edition accept, hainan, fujian, guangdong, chinese Hong Kong, chinese Taiwan and other places, the area in the Western Han Dynasty of short for Shaanxi Province is the main source of green rattan furniture. After liberating, in Yunnan, cane implement industry also gets the attention of party and government, kunming, Teng Chong, luck beautiful, Gansu plain, Jing Hong, Meng dried meat, Jiangchen, green spring and other places ever had run processing factory of cany thin bamboo strip early or late (mill) , folk still has a lot of cane thin bamboo strip to machine door, if Jing Hong has many 50, teng Chong has many 10, nod in these ground nowadays, the manufacturer that manufactures cany furniture still a lot of, kunming has 5. On the whole, the production of cany furniture basically still centers the area in area of Yu Yunna, Hua Na and the Western Han Dynasty of short for Shaanxi Province today, the vine that Hua Na area has close a hunderd schools implement processing factory, in the home of know exactly about sth is modern large cane plant near Guangzhou, in Guangdong Nanhai south slope town, the mill of the furniture that do a cane and shop can be found everywhere, arrive for central radiate with them countrywide each district, like the whole nation such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Qingdao, Tianjin, Zhengzhou city of each big provincial capital also has the production of cany furniture.
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