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The cane makes furniture stage a come back
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Blow more as nostalgic agitation more intense, the cane that ever disappeared from the scene for a time makes furniture walk into the line of sight of people once more, a kind of ideal that becomes the urbanite that pursues style to change traditional way of life with each passing day chooses.

Make furniture photograph compare with traditional cane, the cane with these Burmese countries that come from tropics makes furniture went up to have greater progress with the craft that make in select material, picks material all is produce from selva give birth to bush in those days, have branch the characteristic with long, little knag, before braiding, want to be handled through strict prior operation commonly, have flexibility consequently impressions of good, surface the characteristic such as level off of figuration of comfortable, work out. And accord with human body force to learn to make its protruding sunken with the design with mechanical engineering have send, as mutual as human body configuration echo, become the ideal partner that the bedroom lives.

In bazaar of a furniture, the author sees, find a place for the cane in numerous and conventional furniture makes furniture grab an eye all the more. But as we have learned, although modelling is chic,the cane makes furniture, beautiful and easy, but in suffer before the consumer with traditional idea more profound influence, appear it seems that it's difficult to achieve anything without support, curious and wait-and-see person is much, the person that buys truly is little, a lot of people fear it is inferior to real wood furniture bearing fruit. And the specialty that the cane makes furniture go up as a result of material and craft, the value is relative taller, from sheet hundreds yuan are counted to whole set 1000 on 10 thousand yuan, unavoidable let consumer think thrice before you act.

As contrary as this, of all kinds cane makes handicraft appear unusually hot however, the adornment state of mind that the toy of and so on of a basket of flowers that each different, craftsmanship provides these form alone, compote, pen container or cap, knapsack catered to modern adequately to go after nature of of primitive simplicity, it is absolutely good to become domestic illuminative subject matter. The author discovers many housewife inside a bazaar or rosebud makes the enjoy oneself so much as to forget to go home before handicraft bar in the cane of full of beautiful things in eyes.

The although did not achieve a businessman to anticipate,reemerges hot appearance that the cane makes furniture, but the improvement of the change that consumes an idea as people and economic condition, believe to be sure to make the scenery line of a beauty in people domesticity.