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Zhongshan discovers cane of hump of our country peculiar species first
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Resource of how many wildlife does Zhongshan city have? What precious rare variety to still have? The by a definite date that city forestry branch begins amounts to 4 years long " investigation and study of Zhongshan city wildlife diversity " project, unlock the doubt of people: Orangutan is uncovered  ginseng an ancient unit of weight tries investigation of? of Gou of Bei of acute hearing lament to discover mutual and wild thought runs a plant 186 divisions 646 belong to 1235 kinds, occupy Guangdong to save wildlife to plant about several 1/6.

According to " Zhongshan daily " report, country area is less than 500 thousand mus, occupy Guangdong to save country area to be less than 3 ‰ , have Guangdong to save wildlife to plant however the 1/6 of several, explain job of child care of Zhongshan city plant is excellent on one hand, environment is superior, on the other hand stronger testimony is mixed promoted Zhongshan zoology civilization to develop a standard.

■ the surprise letting a person of feral species

Zhongshan city rises from 2004, to area of library of the Yangtse River investigation and study of resource of plant of groove guard of nature of class of fountainhead forest city, 2005, continue on this successful foundation, began " investigation and study of Zhongshan city wildlife diversity " .

Expert of forestry of province, city comes in these a few years, walked along 5 laurel hill each hilltop, and whole town all geomantic forest, cropland, comprehensive, have check to the wildlife of Zhongshan city systematically, film one by one photograph of floral color number. Experts discover surprizingly: Orangutan capture  is planted? of  of Liu of ginseng of ≈ of Mian of ⒄ of arc of Gou of the  that join Liu beyond the expect of people. Especially 5 laurel are a mountainous area, the dimension that its discover runs a plant 209 divisions 844 belong to 1539 kinds, among them wild thought runs a plant 178 divisions 573 belong to 1003 kinds, in parts of 700 phyletic increase sharply that hold than the investigation before Zhongshan city is old above.

Big investigation of whole town sex is medium, discovered the unusual species such as candle of the devilpepper, dish that have a root, water. Sort of these high forest, herb is in on 80 time ever were in the century Zhongshan hair is existing, but after this fails more than 10 years to discover again, be in this eventually calm continent discovered devilpepper, and the dish that have a root often is by the side of the river brook such as bay of calm continent, god, ancient town discovery. Additional, still discover first in Zhongshan, recorded breed anew -- large remaining part shakes.

■ the peculiar species that discovers our country is very infrequent

Wildlife diversity investigation and study, it is the plant resource investigation with Zhongshan city throughout history the largest scale. Collected sample of many 3000 plant in all, filmed picture of many pieces of 3000 plant, write and will publish formally by press of Guangdong science and technology " Zhongshan wildlife " one book, compiled at the same time " directory of plant of canal of Zhongshan city dimension " , substantial to whole town plant natural resources made overall record.
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