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The hand that shows natural color makes up household to taste
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As urbanism rhythm accelerate, a lot of youths like bath to be in the bedroom of natural wind particularly, enjoy quiet, experience warmth. A sunshine, a flowers and plants, a natural careless house that make up the home is tasted... can be as dry as a chip bedroom simply bring infinite lease of life, add a rural color more. These natural grass are made up, the gentle, languid that the cane makes up household to taste close quarters letting a person to experience nature is lazy and comfortable, help people blatant block entirely with be agitated it is besides the bedroom.

The household of natural style tastes select material simple, it is OK to need to choose the natural material such as strong and durable hemp, cane only, simple line, delicate colour and lustre, nature quiet and unruffled reflect properly, mood letting a person is cheerful. This period what wind of small C search gives everybody introduction is this kind looks be like outside and coarse hand to make up household to taste, flavour of nature of many bits of optional, much cent in the life that gives us.

Cany art receives a case

Saying is to receive a case, be inferior to saying is to receive an area honester, it is by 78 wide flat model the cane makes up a large bamboo or wicker basket to be combined, every a large bamboo or wicker basket because of cany careless color and degree of finish different, appearance has difference each, additional, some a large bamboo or wicker basket use vertical stroke braid, some a large bamboo or wicker basket use alternate staff, whole receive an area to be adorned bonnily all the more lively. Usable will put books and newspaper, magazine.

This receives an area to be able to regard the one large window of the bedroom, make up modelling of itself of a large bamboo or wicker basket besides the cane simple and refined outside, still can pass put multiformly, complete many artistic design go all out group. If bedroom area is not large, can choose 3 two a large bamboo or wicker basket to undertake be puttinged in order, lest the bedroom is too messy.

Bark vase

Vase of glass, pottery and porcelain has delicate appearance, the main deck that serves as a bedroom is tasted, had developed to artwork direction from adornment, and this bark vase that we see today, although outside and coarse, modelling is very simple, but what its show fully is thick mountain forest however rural breath, distinctive natural colour and lustre makes a person find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, can put in study or corridor. The characteristic with bark the greatest vase is strong and durable, be able to bear or endure fall, do not be afraid of collision, carry compared with vase of glass, pottery and porcelain rise more light.

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