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The goods of pure manual bamboo here is popular long triangle
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Here does not produce bamboo, but the bamboo goods here processes trade special develop. Come for years, the villager here with a pair of a dab hand, acceded well the articles made of bamboo that ancestors hands down machines craft, each makes goods of strong and elegant, durable pure manual bamboo make market favorite, walk into lake city not only, fine promote, Su Na's farmhouse, more growing trigonometry because of good quality to enjoy great reputation quite.

On December 28, 2007, the reporter comes " articles made of bamboo machines a village " -- bell canal presses down 3 mound village to undertake interviewing.

The village before Yang Xingxin old person of 67 years old lives in 3 mound village piece Xie Jiajiao 18, begin to study treatment of articles made of bamboo 50 years ago, it is the connoisseur old hand with famed far and near. Yang Laohan is in the home at ordinary times sericiculture, farm, come down to weave for nothing articles made of bamboo, average and annual should machine 56 months, only this one can make an appointment with 5000 yuan to income increases in the home.

The reporter went up that day midday 9 when when arriving, yang Laohan is breaking off bamboo with the knife that break off thin bamboo strip piece. On that pair of experienced old hands, grow long bamboo piece thin bamboo strip of the blueness that be become by his equably cent, yellow thin bamboo strip two parts. "In my home can machine 150 big bamboo every year, buy from balsa head countryside and the hill that Mo Ganshan presses down completely, can machine articles made of bamboo every months 200 go to 300, income is good still. " Yang Laohan is laughing to say.

Yang Laohan tells a reporter, the basis wants the requirement of articles made of bamboo of treatment, he wants first grow long bamboo to wear in " 3 feet a bamboo stick used as a toy horse " (curium one kind only the simple and easy frame of bamboo) on curium, give green thin bamboo strip and yellow thin bamboo strip to breaking off with the knife that break off thin bamboo strip next, planing machine of machine of reoccupy broken thin bamboo strip gives smaller bamboo slip child, last working procedure just is work out articles made of bamboo, so old dry come down, craft has comparatived skilled.

The reporter sees, stack of Home Yang Laohan the articles made of bamboo that just has made up. Most is bamboo basket inside this (the villager says call " bamboo 篰 " ) , the daily life of a family of person of a region of rivers and lakes uses it grass of leaf of Cheng Fang mulberry, fish, trade price every 9 yuan; Still the bamboo with not little amount is surrounded (the villager cries " bamboo is gotten " ) , make an appointment with 35 centimeter, 70 centimeter high respectively, in the circle the duck that raise chicken is mixed deposit there is bigger use on paddy, trade price wants 35 yuan every.

Xie Jiajiao also is scene of one group business 25. Here, the reporter saw make clever bamboo coop: Make an appointment with 60 centimeter high among bulging, appearance is very lovely; What make person strange most is, it stays bamboo makes wicket, grow long Zhu Bing to be torn open not only outfit is convenient, still can bend insert prison, use rise very convenient.
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