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43 years craft does not have the chair that make up a cane send a person
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Area of Fuzhou king Zhuang Yi, yellow aunt of 56 years old crouchs the entrance of cany chair small shop that takes in oneself, dialing cane adeptly, braid cany chair.

There is sundry cany chair in her inn, chair having fan, shake the ten appearance such as rocking chair.

, the end in the home, cannot send her to go to school, parents sends a factory to learn to make cany chair her. That factory calls drum-tower cane to have a company. At that time, have ten when the employee of apprentice together with her, nevertheless, they do not have redo mostly now, and it is OK that she also is not found the later generations of carry on. "I should calculate the person that does cany chair finally probably. " yellow aunt heaved a sigh gently, "Pardonable also youth does not love to do, one day has done a piece of an old-fashioned wooden armchair partly, calculate price 140 yuan, but the cost such as frame of smooth cane, chair is about to cost 60 yuan are controlled, if deduct inn to hire again, do not have money to earn at all. Do not have money to earn at all..

Nevertheless, in the memory of yellow aunt, cany chair ever also had had its spring. "Some earlier moment, there is piece of cane chair in the home, cong Mou is planted is financial capacity on the meaning is indicative, to Everyman, cany chair is extravagant. " yellow aunt says, 10 years ago, cany chair is very popular still, nevertheless, the youth is preferred now buy furniture of sofa, annatto, and the part of National People's Congress of the chair that buy a cane is medium these love old people old person.

"The son calls me not to want redo, he also does not want to learn. Soon craft of these 43 years should be broken so, want to have a place regrettablly. " yellow aunt says to lower his head to arrange cany chair again.