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Huang Qi exceeds cane of 150 years art history
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The cane that speaks of Nanhai yellow Qi art, have historical data account early. The person such as Ou Yangxiu of Northen Song Dynasty makes up repair " new Tang Shu " roll " geographical annals " account: "County of Guangzhou, Nanhai, medium government office of superintend and director. Earthy tribute: Banquet of Dian of silver-colored, cane, bamboo, litchi... " clear Dai Daoguang 30 years (1850) add repairs " Nanhai county annals " in write: "Bai Sha (village of Bai Sha of yellow Qi of nowadays Nanhai area) production content in order to boil bovine glue, the core that knit a cane is a large amount of... cany goods, by outside ocean purchases cane, control seat with cany skin, cany core makes chair table, cany silk makes skirt cushion, produce every year more than 10000 packets, carry makes work toward sea export, sale in domestic market holds great majority. " accordingly computative, of Huang Qi make cany history already had 150 old histories up to now.

Occupy additionally " records of Nanhai cane employment " account, huang Qi " 8 countryside " the birthplace that is domestic cane industry and trailblazer of cany goods exit, this former 8 countryside point to Sha Bei, Feng Gang, Bai Sha, strong opening, Chen Xi, always settleclear, secrete is strong, horizontal sanded 8 natural villages. "Arrived to go up century 90 time metaphase, as the rise of plastic product and other and novel product, cany goods begins to get ' desolate ' . " secrete always tells a reporter to part of a historical period of company of one cane products, pure manual product has limit in the hard to avoid on the productivity inside norm time, but the finished product that costs a lot of manpower and time to make is done not have in the report on market price case too much reflect, accordingly, imperative to the innovation of traditional cane course of study.