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The dream in memory begins to tangle when the cane went up furniture
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I still remember
Remember medium cany furniture, it is the chair of that old cane in grandmother home,
Do not know to be placed over how long, also do not know to had sat how many person,
Only Zhi Zhi and the speech with grandmother tender taletelling return an echo to be by the side of ear.

Now, was brought up, had listened to first sing " only the cane pesters a tree on the world " , also do not know from when to begin, cane " tangle " went up furniture. Be in recreational and satisfied in the romance that enjoys the life; In simple in experience is savoured; Rural the poetics picture meaning like is in of Zhu Teng in braiding, reflect incisively and vividly. Leisurely, satisfied, be enjoying also is fun.
Cane, a kind of prickly is palmy division scramble plant, produce from Shan Ye, the spirit that can pick landscape is beautiful, collect Gu Jinzhi is tasteful. When cirrus is popular, the cane begins to tangle went up furniture. Although liana gives the person's impression onefold and drab, but it is labyrinthian and changeful, firm soft and aid, unlike the scrupulous of other hardwood, cirrus and person are same, have extremely strong plasticity. In the value idea that takes dominant in vogue, individual character, of furniture view and admire value however prep above uses value, and silent and wanton sending out oneself peculiar temperament. Perhaps, when your friend buys it, it is to want merely " show off " what cirrus brings him is additional kind, original, grade.
Think formerly, the cane makes furniture give a person the most intuitionistic is colour low-key, but see some canes chair just knows, the cane of inherent plain and neat can put on bright-coloured appearance euqally. Multicolored colour lets a person experience the passion that is permeated with to them, and full authorized strength makes them lively and bold and unrestrained. If you are enthusiastic also bold and unrestrained, what still makes furniture so more accord with your temperament?
Use pure natural bamboo piece the furniture that be made with cane and becomes, accord with requirement of green environmental protection not only, and appear lesser also in the process that make the phenomenon such as such as moisture absorption, absorption of heat, and insect-resistant eat by moth, not changeful form, craze, come unglued, in all sorts of function are equivalent to or exceeding high-grade hard miscellaneous wood. After be being handled through strict treatment, zhu Teng becomes soft and tough, hand in in each other fold a sundry furniture is made in twining a work out. The permeability of bamboo rattan furniture is good, the flavour that natural day becomes, give a person relaxed and delightful sense. Additional, bamboo rattan furniture besides substantially outside the advantage, still have taller adornment sex and appreciation sex, pass the clever work out of people, the pattern of bamboo rattan furniture and design have before relatively greatly rich, the form is newer, design more. Its colour is the colour and lustre that natural day becomes, always give a person rural the feelings like, also because of its natural colour, so that naturally can be mixed,the furniture photograph of aleatoric design matchs, the contrast that does not have dazzling and not harmonious, can add a few minutes of elegance instead, a few minutes plain.
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