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Old people suits to sit most cany chair
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Concerned expert thinks, for photograph comparing hard bench, cany chair is the first selection a thing to sit on of the old person, it is better to add effect of a soft mat. Expert explanation says, there is one below the ischium of person pelvis fast small protuberant, the ischium that be called is nodal, its top is long have slippery bag, when the person sits, slippery bursa and place sit the meeting when the object is contacted each other secretes mucus, have amortize effect, the unwell feeling when decreasing to be contacted with good thing. As the addition of the age, the coxal muscle of the old person gradually atrophic, the slippery bursa on ischiadic tubercle also happens fade travel sex change, mucus is secreted decrease, amortize ability drops. If often sit hard bench, can cause ischiadic and nodal sex slippery bursa is phlogistic, especially the old person with emaciated body is more incidental such injury.

Soft chair or soft sofa can create the muscle strain of the old person likewise. It is when body defect when the chair is medium, vertebral flexibility of the person is bigger, accentuated burden of sarcous of the small of the back, for relatively loose to bone old person, also have particular risk.

So, should choose to breathe freely already for the old person bouncy cany chair. Best choice has the chair of back of a chair, and put on one put aside footrest, make double leg OK make the same score put, prevent lower limbs to be short of blood. The expert still emphasizes, no matter sit what chair, the most important is to want to often alternate pose.