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Leisurely of cane of sad without buddhist heart midsummer
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Sad without buddhist heart midsummer. Be? Was smoked to do moisture not only below the central air conditioning of the office by day, also smoke did a mood; Next is in heat wave, embrace, noisy in let mood addle; The job, dinner party, health lets us times feeling pressure. "Calm nature is cool " the state altogethers it is easy that people says, should achieve get really a little buddhist heart cannot.

Cany meaning: Of beauty couch afternoon days

Beauty, add couch, give this Zhu Teng furniture basket on one beautiful, gentle imagination. As if a chair that has magic power, without giving thought to what person, want upgrade of lazy lazy ground only so lean, became beautiful woman, had ferial in seldom the Rou Yumei that show.

Fresh and green cane passes stoving oily dip, zigzag turn becomes beauty couch, soft cane seems to be born for the furniture of this soft beauty. Rely on to lean on couch partly partly, can extend the body to the top of one's bent come, the neck just is touched on back of a chair. Cane tilts and the curve below ases if to be set only for shoulder and arm, get fit together perfectly with the curvilinear joint of the body. Rely on on couch to drink a cup of tea with milk, read very long before the good book that admires in the heart, the burning sun like the fire outside the window is mixed by the grain with natural cane tactility place fritter away. When lowering his head to look at it, as if to still can hear the breath that plant of scramble of this southeast Asia still has. A long long afternoon, so fritter away is on couch, and, not acerbity, back is not fond of the waist, the key point that also did not read a book before the desk goes up acerb.

The beauty couch with qualitative cane, the couch of preserve one's health.
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