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Suggest 3 kinds of furniture are not bought
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Arrived the season that autumn wind sends bright, as marry the arrival of fastigium, furniture market warms up again, sundry novel furniture lets a person too many things to see, but the furniture that a lot of people buy all is not like person meaning, some furniture appearance is good-looking, but its material is full of harmful material however, when returning some furniture to buy very good, but redemptive came loose not for long to wear, how should we buy furniture? Those what kind of furniture cannot be bought? 3 kinds of furniture had better not be bought under.

The first kind is the price particularly easier than price of inferior, Kan do not buy.

Other do not say first, kan price is so light, want carefully to have a problem for certain, the price of some furniture is particularly cheap, occasionally Kan price 1000 yuan can go up below Kan even, actually such furniture uses a large number of pledging that the stuff with second low price is made mostly, often be treasures outside its, defeat garrulous among them, consumer sees the ten million that is like petty gain want caution to this kind.

  The 2nd kind is to the furniture of intense exciting odour is not bought.

Some furniture are like ambry to wait, the drawer is pulled open when buying, open cupboard door odour to be stimulated so that let tear of stream of people, the formaldehyde content that such circumstance makes clear to this covers furniture exceeds bid badly. This kind of furniture is very old to the harm of the body, do not recommend commonly buy. If restrict the word that bought this kind of furniture because of the condition, best air buy reoccupy of period of time.

The 3rd kind should notice is the furniture that man-made board makes did not do what whole sealing side handles to be not bought.

The limitation that the furniture part that always uses man-made board to be made handles to sealing side is very rigid, especially furniture should want sealing side of demand perfection ministry with particieboard, the harmful material in can restricting man-made board so is released, but at present a lot of manufacturer for managing material, do local sealing side only, such furniture had better not be bought.