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Be lost in cane in meaning of affection of sweet, cane, cane
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Busy contemporary urbanism, the competition between person and person, it is the main factor that parts we and nature, the household that is familiar with through changing us only lives, just can make people more nature of press close to. And the furniture of of all kinds that braids with cany skin, cane, can let us answer recall before relaxed and carefree life extract.

As people living standard rise ceaselessly, aesthetic consciousness increases gradually, they are willing floriferous idea goes decorating a bedroom, choose meticulously can the furniture of project oneself grade and adornment. Because the cane makes furniture line beautiful, modelling is distinctive, add the elaborate design of stylist, make cany goods gets incisively and vividly reveal. So, the art cane of style of rich aesthetic feeling, appeal, individual character resides furniture, make the pursuit with changeless people. And all the time since, angle of place of nation of world each country and imitated " Victoria vogue " , become a cane to high furniture place seeks the quintessential seat of the design. When you place oneself lives in house of city halcyon cane and art cane house to reveal office in Cheng Yuan earth inside, just like entered a cane implement in the world, your person is lost in cany scene, cane in meaning of affection of sound of sweet, cane, cane, cane.

As popular feeling of environmental idea development, furniture market of future will be the green consumption that is a feature with environmental protection. Cane implement the idea that furniture consumes according to green just about, advocate austere, natural life, will comfortable faultlessly union rises.

The cane is a kind of prickly that grows in tropical forest plant of palmy division scramble, have 13 kinds, have 600 kinds foregonely among them. The cane is the longest can exceed 185 meters. As a result of qualitative dungeon solid and very strong tenacity, cane is used what fill up with banquet at household to make widely.

The original machine program that the cane expects comparatives heavy and complicated, should boil through evaporate, dry, bleach color, mouldproof, disinfection to kill the working procedure such as bacterium to handle. After the cane provides the treatment with rigorous course to handle, have flexibility good, permeability is strong, qualitative feeling nature, feel is comfortable and relaxed, chic, accord with human body force to learn to wait for a characteristic with engineering. Not only such, the cane provides exterior elegance to make the same score nature of beautiful and solid, easy, press close to, have very tall view and admire a gender, can show master style and grade.
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