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15 years old of girls a year of net 200 thousand [a disease lets her move toward
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You are not believed for certain at first, connect me to also be not believed at that time namely, but she really a year with respect to net 200 thousand, and still be a girl that only end of junior high school graduates, nevertheless her business can have nothing to do with record of formal schooling, say to listened to you to be believed naturally to you from the beginning.

She gives birth to the home that is in a village, because of the end in the home she is forced to be in 15 years old rustication is in the home, she already was gotten because of precocity 15 years old at that time resemble a highteen old girl, a few individual girls that crossed her to follow to be the same as a village in Spring Festival of that year happen hill to work together.

In new city she looked for a few jobs to because the boss looks her age,dare not use her too gently repeatedly, a few girls that come out with her together do not have the job that with how long each ground found him satisfaction, more than 100 yuan of money that bring on the body fell her to open a month constrainedly in the circumstance of live frugaly.

Said to go back so, she all along emulative one search to manufacturer, be rejected again, be in hungry in urgent mood her be laid up (below the circumstance that does not have money she does not wish to appeal the girl that is the same as a village, willing hunger drink cold water, sleep tiredly station) . A well-meaning person sends her into the hospital, it is her paid expenses for medicine (now already is the friend that does not say without the word) .

The girl that is the same as a village should leave hospital to just know her be laid up to her all the time, a few people are joint-stock bought a bundle of flower and one basket fruit to visit her.

Going to work because of them when leave hospital (also do not want to bother them again) a person was taking flower and fruit to give a hospital, she thinks of the fruit also does not have what use to plan to return to oneself is to sell calculated, can change bit of money to prop up a few days after all.

She arrived one dealer sold the fruit before one fruit spreads out, be between dot money, the proprietress of the shop of a flower on the side comes out before her: Does your this flower buy me? I give 20 yuan of your look to go not.

She one terrified, the flower that buys is returned can resell is dropped! The flower that she remembered to there is so sickish person to send in the hospital for nothing to threw, still wanted to throw at that time much regrettablly ah, why the flower that I do not want them wants to come, is this a knack that make money?

She saw a hope: Do you want the proprietress for a long time such flower?

I buy such flower for a long time, how many do you have how much do I want. The proprietress says for certain.

The flower that she gets on the hand is put toward proprietress hand, say excitedly: This bundle of flower sends you, our collaboration deal, I help you collect a flower, your bag is bought, how?
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