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The home has environmental protection of thick cane of primitive simplicity stor
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The home has thick vine

Grass makes up a bag to begin to spread all over the ave lane of insular city from last year, the furniture that thick cane arranges also begins stealthily popularity to rise this year. Green, environmental protection makes the popular trend that lives in things, thick rattan furniture besides hold these two advantages concurrently beyond, the clever design of essence of life of stylist let thick cane withhold original of primitive simplicity not just, still added many fashionable elements. Summer is about to go, furniture of thick rattan of a few appearance is placed in the home, a fashionable fall passes in natural instinctive quality.

The CHRISANDCHRIS in CHRISANDCHRIS sunshine general merchandise is in 3 buildings in an obscure corner, go in from multicoloured garment district, the light becomes suddenly downy, all thick rattan furniture are Gong Zong color entirely, thick Ma Teng does too chair of the wife of a prince lets a person feel Gu Yuanyou is long, still the cane arranges deck chair, the base that deserves to same capable person pledges steps, give a person with atmosphere, comfortable feeling. Still have the sofa of cany edge, small tea table additionally, on tea table 0 medicinal powder medicinal powder the ground put a few emulation fruits, most the small sofa that lets a person feel of be envious is with log color thick Liu Teng is made up, never still had seen in insular city such makings is mixed character design, the furniture price of above all is controlled for 10000 yuan. If pouch is roused not quite,had had been to eye addiction pretty good also. The address is in sunshine general merchandise 3 buildings.

Fine house has introduced before, newest nevertheless 8 bottles of ark deserve the big cane chair that take and thick cane very much recommend. These thick canes come from Indonesian, the back of a chair of old round chair of thick cane and chair face circle become a big ring, the diameter has 1 meter about, match cushion of a soft cotton, make you so comfortable that be in a complete mess. 8 bottles of ark of thick cane make an appointment with 1 meter high, divide 5, clever is every deserve to have the small basket with lacy belt, look inside certain and replete of young woman student lovely gadgety. Two price is controlled for 1200 yuan respectively. The address is good in first floor of extraction bound supermarket the house is monopolistic.