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Bamboo rattan furniture
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Bamboo rattan furniture has colour and lustre deft and bright and clean and simple but elegant, cool, agile wait for a characteristic. No matter park is indoor or curtilage, can give a person the interest that causes with full-bodied agrestic breath and clear quietly elegant. Bamboo is full of tenacity and flexibility, the capability that defy a turn is strong, break off not easily, tension, compressive strength all relatively lumber is actor; Cany material is very soft when full of moisture, dry hind particularly tough. Accordingly, people makes furniture develop union of bamboo, cane to use from pure bamboo gradually, so that produce respective specialty. Design of variety of furniture of contemporary bamboo rattan is diversiform, the craft that make is masterly.
Material basically has support material and weave material two kinds. ① support capable person: Basically use bamboo, the bamboo that be like Nan (bamboo) , Gang Zhu (mottled bamboo) , Shui Zhu, henon bamboo (Bai Zhu, Gan Zhu) , Ci Zhu. General requirement chooses maturity tall, diameter is in the bamboo lever under 40mm, undertake before use anticorrosive, moth-proofing, prevent crack wait for processing. Outside dividing bamboo, usable also steel tube, cane, wicker, plastic wait for the bracket that make. ② weaves material: Basically use cany material. The cane can machine the cane, part such as cany core and cany skin, be being used at braided part is cany skin. Common cane has cane of An Teng, earth and feral cane to wait.
The structure of furniture of structural bamboo rattan basically depends on of material form. The furniture that uses bamboo to be made entirely calls bamboo furniture; Call a cane furniture with the core of cane, cane, wicker furniture that makes; Use lumber to make stand, tangle to plunge into and be made with the cane braid a face to say the cane arranges bamboo furniture, it is the main product in bamboo rattan furniture; Other useful still steel tube, cane, wicker, plastic wait for the bracket that make, external use is cany skin, plastic etc tangle to plunge into and make the furniture that braids a face. The product breed of bamboo rattan furniture, divide common seat kind outside furniture, still but make it all sorts of desks, a few, frame, ark.
The craft that make basically is bracket make and knit a face braid. Make stand with bamboo, its bend shape can mix with the turn that bake curium the mouth bends two kinds of way. Curium the mouth bends a method simple, but intensity is abate and the curve is factitious fluent. The joint of bracket uses cany skin to tangle commonly plunge into, also can nail wedge to secure with bamboo in the bore on bamboo or use tenon joint to add bamboo to nail the kind that wedge closes. The skin that use a cane braids the basic method that weaves a face to be on bracket carry, lid, pester 3 kinds. According to product demand, usable cane skin braids all sorts of decorative pattern design (see bamboo is made up, the cane is made up) .

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