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Cany furniture, natural vogue
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Experience tells us, an identical furniture uses different capable person to be able to produce disparate adornment result character, because material pledges itself also represented a kind of beauty,this is, this kind of beauty is material qualitative itself is inherent. Be good at discovering this kind of beauty only, be good at using this kind of beauty, our household designs ability to produce first-rate whole result. From this period begin, say different capable person pledges furniture concerns respect knowledge for us, let everybody be informed newest furniture tide, derive decorates inspiration practically.

Material disposition: Tough, deft, can weave or modelling

Live in the effect: Of primitive simplicity, cool

Accompanying the arrival of summer, cany furniture obtains consumer favour gradually with its of primitive simplicity, relaxed characteristic. My friend ANIDA is choosing cloth art hesitate a few times between sofa and cany furniture, still chose a cany sofa that having southeast Asia color finally, make the central point of sitting room be worthy of, of course what she values more is a function is practical, if want covet cool and refreshing, should put away only sofa mat is OK. Nevertheless, the prime cause with cany the most welcome furniture, because it and rural dream are concerned,still be.

The cane is the indicative example with natural qualitative talent forever, the faint wood shift that can experience with body and mind is sweet, can remind the existence of our nature and happiness very easily.

The cane is the trailing plant that grows at selva, qualitative light and tough, can braid the furniture that gives all sorts of form consequently, the biggest characteristic is moisture absorption absorption of heat, breathe freely naturally, insect-resistant eat by moth, the high-grade hard miscellaneous wood in won't be out of shape easily and exceeding. What appearance should the space that imagines deck of cany qualitative furniture be? Elegant, of primitive simplicity, resemble climbing Qing Teng of Man Niao slender and delicate, still as if to listen to arrival far the sound from the Shui Jian between Yu Lin? This is the cane is experienced to ours.

Cany qualitative furniture is deft and easy, those cane of primitive simplicity that interweave compactly, relaxed. What people had been tired of modern city is blatant with inhospitality, deeper and deeper experience arrives turn over uncut jade to return commendable really, longing and nature are close and shirt-sleeve, decorate a bedroom that is permeated with rural breath, give oneself another kind of living experience. Come from this meaning say, natural talent is vogue. Those canes are qualitative screen, sit chair, ambry, promote goal, receive a case, be in casual a feeling that builds a cabin jointly, be full of the adornment of the small cane make it of clay breath, its modelling and composition of a picture are completely OK follow one's inclinations.
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