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Bamboo qualitative furniture: Shape main force of furniture of prospective envir
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People always can think of qualitative furniture bed of the bamboo ark that the bamboo pole joining together that two vast areas differ with degree of finish rises, bamboo.   

The raw material that bamboo pledges furniture place is chosen is produce the bamboo of high grade Nan from laurel, Hunan, another name for Jiangxi Province. Via detecting its arrange grain tensile strength, compressive strength is cherry wood 2 times, 2 of fir. 5 times. Its machine means is the bamboo that is the cut after thick bamboo flay degree of finish of 3 × 4cm first, make large board through the glue on special technology high pressure next. Whole process should pass many 30 working procedure. Introduce according to the personage inside course of study: The plank after processing is insect-resistant eat by moth, won't craze, be out of shape, degum, all sorts of physics function are equivalent to in high-grade hard miscellaneous wood.

Allude except above besides, bamboo pledges furniture still has the following character: It is wintry warm Xia Liang, as a result of the crude character of bamboo, lumber of other of prep above of function of its moisture absorption, absorption of heat, reason sits in burning hot summer above, cool and refreshing suck sweat; warmth is experienced in the winter. 2 it is advantageous environmental protection, bamboo 3 can become a useful person to 4 years, and return after fell trees but second birth, for very small to environmental aggravation, natural Lin Cunliang our country, can yet be regarded as a kind replace data high gradely. And stick received glue of use special type to avoid the formaldehyde harm to human body. 3 it is to return uncut jade to return true, bamboo pledges furniture carried the natural grain with original bamboo, bring a person a kind of plain, classic sense.

Concerned expert points out: Bamboo qualitative furniture because raw material is enough, cheap, plus elaborate design, below the premise that lacks in global lumber resource, before long the main force that becomes prospective furniture probably in the future