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The cane makes furniture maintain
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Cany sort is various, area of crude place of production is vast, africa and southeast Asia have, difference of cany material quality is big. In area of numerous productive cane, indonesian because be located in equatorial selva area, rainwater of sunshine of all the year round is abundant, soil of rich volcanic grey matter, the cane that makes its produce is thick and full well-balanced, material has pledged, indonesian cane because this is famed the world. The cane is material of a kind of natural environmental protection furniture, it is had already solid deft and withy, but aleatoric bent is characteristic, the cane that makes because of this implement furniture with concise and Anacreontic exterior, firm soft coexist, recreational and practical characteristic and get of people love.

Maintain method:

1, prevent sun point-blank, do not make the cane the place with furniture park exorbitant temperature.

2, clear with undercoat brush or cleaner regularly the cane makes furniture appearance.

3, make furniture via often swabbing a cane with wet cloth and downy cleaner.