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How does cany wood furniture maintain
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To the furniture that the cane arranges, best method is to use brine to swab, not only can decontamination, still can make cane softness is full of flexibility. To woodiness furniture character, has painted furniture can lap with gauze wet tea is wiped, or swab with cold boiled water; Perhaps take the light beer of 400 milliliter boil, add 14 grams candy and 28 grams beeswax to mix adequately, after mixed liquor is cooling, dipping in to brush woodiness furniture with soft cloth, etc after working, brush with soft dry cloth. If the white Qi Rijiu that besmears like surface of fruit tree furniture becomes yellow, usable dishcloth dips in dot toothpaste or dentifrice are wiped, but need to notice cannot too forcibly.

In addition, can lap with gauze residue from bean after making soya-bean milk goes wiping saturate new furniture, can make furniture gives birth to burnish of of primitive simplicity very quickly.