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Cany furniture maintains clean whole strategy
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Labyrinthian and changeful, firm soft and what the cane of aid makes furniture become grade with its distinctive temperament is indicative. However is the cane makes furniture to be afraid that working still is to be afraid of tide? Can it draw on borer? So much close mesh how thorough cleanness? How does white cane goods prevent is hair yellow? Did not go up how is the unbleached cane goods of paint divided corrupt? Want what tarry cane makes furniture is perfect, its cleanness cannot small gaze.

Protect cany much secret

The cane makes furniture can make your bedroom sends out already rural the breath of halfback, but if be not paid attention to,maintain, the cane makes furniture change life possibly 1/3 to 2/3, the small doohickey that masters a few conserve accordingly is indispensable.

△ prevents sun point-blank

The ultraviolet ray in sunshine can make cane denaturation hair fragile, long sunshine illuminate can make extensive of white rattan furniture yellow, make palm red splendent bare rattan furniture is local fade, make desiccate of costly bamboo rattan furniture, become loose and come away.

Accordingly, in Chun Xiaqiu 3 season prevent sun point-blank it is very important. Might as well separate sunshine with translucent white gauze curtain point-blank, while protective cane makes furniture, also do not affect indoor daylighting.

△ avoids to stand by igneous cause, heat source

In north, the radiator of winter heating is the formidable enemy that the cane makes furniture. If make the cane radiator of seat press close to put, a lunar hind can discover, the cane of place of press close to sends dry hair already fragile, tenacity becomes poor, after sitting, recover from an illness hard; A few position that use natural and sizy adhesion criterion a long time is about to drop.

Accordingly, be sure to keep in mind cany goods and igneous cause, heat source to be close to must not, when if want to be made in the cane,the very hot food such as chaffy dish, earthenware pot is being put on table, must remember putting adiabatic pad.

△ keeps ventilated

Close conduit was bestrewed on cany cross section, so the cane makes furniture can induct the moisture of certain amount. But if adsorptive the word of too much moisture, furniture can become softness, structure is planar and inattentive, flagging, and in braiding mesh spot of easy grow mildew.

Accordingly, if be in southern, especially plum rains is seasonal, what the cane makes furniture is ventilated appear important all the more. In the time that has the sun, best the place that has draught will be moved to go after furniture is clean " blowy " , can avoid mildew spot to generate, maintain Gan Shuang. Must not beg " dry " the heart is cut, carry it to the place with point-blank sunshine to insolate, the contrast that one tide does, cane is out of shape very easily quickly rupture even.

△ avoids be affected with damp be affected with damp to be out of shape
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