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Of bamboo mat maintain
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Go in hill, grow especially in the mountain forest of bamboo, bamboo mat can include the entry that waits for a choose and buy in. Bamboo mat is mixed by the head blueness of bamboo commonly essence of 2 green thin bamboo strip is made up and become, common characteristic is softness, smooth, cool. The attention answers when choosing, level off of good area of bamboo mat place is smooth, colour and lustre is even, the edge is orthogonal, the bamboo place that has scar of apparent bug eat by moth do not be bought. Want to agree with the size photograph of the bed in the home on choice dimension, would rather a bit short a bit some narrower, also do not pass wide too long, break off in case. The attention answers in the meantime whether connective cotton rope still has place, between bamboo thin bamboo strip and bamboo thin bamboo strip interstitial too big, these see the service life that seems very little trouble to affect bamboo mat directly. Choose and buy the mat of one bed satisfaction, still should know how to use and maintain: 1, the level that mat should maintain when the shop is used, avoid is folded pressure. 2, bathe is brushed and cannot insolate below sunshine. 3, should prevent mat to give birth to mite bug. After the summer passes, save mat to want to notice straw mat cannot fold is deposited, should furl park is shady and cool place, if room space is little, it is as direct shop below the mattress. Want to prevent bug eat by moth at the same time, when depositing, a few mothball are put by, take air when necessary one air.