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The advantage of cany art furniture
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Since the cane makes life of furniture ask oneself, it is the first choice of the personage furniture such as the bookman that goes after elegant grade, distinguished personages all the time. Reporter discovery, in sorching summer cany art furniture is more with its peculiar cool and refreshing sense, get of consumer love.

Lu Xun, cling to of the be handed down from ancient times of a ministry that the literary great master such as gold finishs make leave the reason that indissoluble with cany chair knot.

The cane is firm in the belt is soft, soft in see firm, wear well, winter is warm Xia Liang, not mildew not eat by moth, acid-proof fight corrode, waterproof breathe freely, do not crack changeless form, special in sorching summer more reveal cool and refreshing, have dispel sweat and body to be mixed in person, the particular advantage such as moisture absorption absorption of heat. Occupy position from beginning to end in tradition and contemporary furniture.

Go up since century end, because drama of domestic cane raw material is decreased, basically rely on at present from Indonesian wait for country of few number southeast Asia to import raw material. The treatment technology that uses our country convention makes cane of a bedchamber, sitting room, study make furniture, the cane makes craft sex strong, practical, environmental protection, without harm, nature. Get used to traditional personage and contemporary personage's avirulent and practical to furniture, environmental protection, harmless, natural requirement. Crowd of the good-paying in already gaining ground. And become those who export furniture of area of Europe, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan advocate make a product.

"Carry on one's shoulder compares a gentleman " , " gold-rimmed cane art " , " the cradle is resided " wait for a brand, lead position is in in home, products plan is original, the hand of a person of academic or artistic distinction of a lot of out. Core of cany skin, cane is tie-in and reasonable, in order to make excellent, quality excellent, with high grade lumber and bamboo synthesis, match the cushion for leaning on that gives priority to with fabrics of cotton, hemp, it is the four seasons more all appropriate.

Choose and buy one cover or odd cany art furniture, match with flexible packaging adorn article, mural, bookshelf, screen, vase, greenery, whole family is met certainly sweeter, more elegant, more guileless, more comfortable, with the city blatant form a bright contrast.

Cany art furniture is OK bath, should not be long-term and soggy or high temperature is roast; In using, want to be far from edge tool strictly; Bottom move should be held in the palm when moving furniture, cannot be born pull procrastinate forcedly; Furniture places buy to should maintain a level, allow changeful entity conversely; Not be on cany art furniture skip.

Use time year long, the position that may produce a few bag canes is inattentive, can stick solid with 502 glue inattentive place; Cause because of long-term be affected with damp be affected with damp mildewy, with soft brush rub-up of will mildewy place, 30 minutes are basked in below sunshine; Cany skin surface blows a flower, use car dried meat to call the position that blow a flower dried meat methodological processing.
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