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Of cany furniture clear, abstain from
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Method: With soft brush from mesh in by the dust outside introversion. Rape oil, soap is to clean a cane to make the cleaner with best furniture. Again dry finally brush. If cany chair of white, still need to wipe on a bit vinegar, counteract what make with scour, become angry in case. Dip in with the brush on sodium bicarbonate water brushs cany chair gently, also can get rid of dense dirties.

Abstain from: The cane makes furniture most avoid is put by central heating, its agglutinate place is met because of be heated desiccate, slacken; Prevent sun point-blank, in case cany makings fades, desiccate; Avoid is wiped with wet towel, can make dirt all stick above; Avoid is rinsed with water, put outer limit air next.