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Fabricate product save a method
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Careless work out tastes those who suffer nature to damage basically come from two respects, because mildew changes,be cause mildewy decay, 2 because insect pest bite damages,be. If can be done,good mildew changes and the prevention and cure of insect pest works to be able to ensure the safety of careless goods is saved.
Mouldproof change

Mildew changes is the result of microbial activity, the mildew that if prevent bacterium sterilization in time,won't bring about careless goods changes. That is to say, assure the quality of fodder, control temperature, humidity, it is the important segment that prevents mildew to change. Mildew changes to divide a level roughly, namely first mildew, mildew, mildew and rot. Mildew period mow begins to give out heat first; Careless bine already lost original colour and lustre when mildew, the surface begins to give birth to wool, accompany calorific; Careless bine already sent out when mildew and rot mildew flavour and corrupt stink.
The specific preventive measure that mildew changes is: Before braiding used careless reserve, want dry, and the root that eliminate mildew changes, leaf, fireweed, divide bunch of ligature to plunge into. The room beard of fodder of keep in storage is dry and ventilated, pile up height shoulds not be too big, in case weight increases, haystack interior is easy heat build-up, a little careless grass that be like banquet, yellow grass build plastic cloth to prevent airing even; The storehouse when southern plum rains is seasonal should search a warehouse, air basks in fodder, and eliminate is certain mildew changes fodder; The fodder of keep in storage had better give out in those days, unfavorable place time to grow too. The careless product that leach, wet or sizy soak uses before braiding should be collected after seasonable air, finished products is packed even in time. Moistureproof paper pad should be used inside the box that pack or go up oil waxes undertake protective. Additional, fodder or goods are blanched via sulfureous suffocating or medicaments and boil catch but mouldproof.