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Appropriate maintains the cane makes furniture
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Actually, cane implement what do and do not imagine like people is complex in that way, want appropriate to maintain only, the cane makes furniture but experience is long be like new.


1. Bottom move should be held in the palm when moving furniture, cannot be born pull procrastinate forcedly.

2. Furniture places buy to should maintain a level, cause furniture construction easily to be out of shape otherwise.

3. Do not skip on furniture please.

4. When depositing, do not make its contact is mixed stand by blaze, hot blaze, also do not put below the sun to insolate for long.


1. Nurse at ordinary times need to use chicken feather whisk or cleaner to remove dust only can.

2. Swab furniture with wet towel and downy cleaner regularly.

3. If have dirt retention, usable down tooth brush is wiped.

4. If cany art furniture is long,nobody are used, can clean with the brine of 5% regularly, but mouldproof, insect-resistant eat by moth, and the colour and lustre that can maintain cany art furniture is shining.