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Furniture maintains need to perserve
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Furniture maintains perplex a lot of consumer all the time, the expert thinks, of furniture maintain need to perserve, as seasonal change, airy is dry and wet can have distinct effect to furniture, so the furniture of distinct category also is having those who differ to maintain method.
Cloth art furniture
Cloth art furniture has the characteristic that can change to cloth is covered and be cleaned easily at any time, at the same time material pledges softness is injured not easily, should accomplish only at ordinary times often clean can maintain its surface cleanness, but be like mattess this kind big, work besides ferial cleanness, it is better to be achieved through reasonable use even maintain the effect.
Reduce osculatory place attrition to avoid much person to often sit in mattess edge ministry as far as possible, do not go up in mattess trample, in order to make mattess maintains level, prolong service life; Retroflexion mattess regularly use, can retroflexion up and down or exchange of from beginning to end, make mattess suffers force to tend even, average household 3 months should exchange; Spring-mattress should notice in the contact with bedstead place places felt of a cotton or bedding to chafe in order to decrease, prolong life.
Keep ventilated, avoid insolate to demolish outer packing to use, make mattess interior air fluent. When of short duration is not used, mattess is put in shady and cool and ventilated place, avoid solar insolate. Outside dividing use sheet, best can cover go to bed to fill up a cover, avoid mattess flyblown, so that unpick and wash.
If the bed wants to move,carry smoothly, when placing, must put smooth put firm, it is good that the special pad that pay a foot had better be used in 4 horns of be born, what can hold integral construction so is stable, do not fold mattess the turn in carry at the same time, do not use a rope to be bound forcibly, avoid to lest mattess is outside,collide as far as possible contuse or make internal composition is damaged.
Coriaceous furniture
Coriaceous furniture most those who be afraid of is to be touched smeary or scratch, water is not used directly when cleaning, can touch appropriative leather cleaner to be wiped gently with dry cloth. To having the home of pet or child in for, the claw that wants careful kitten, puppy especially or dot are in with acerb object furniture surface scratch.
Fixed cleanness, do not use water directly of coriaceous sofa maintain the most crucial the breath that depends on derma, because this wants fixed ground cleanness in order to maintain the pore of dermal surface not by dirt block, pure cotton cloth can be used when swabbing or wipe gently after silk bedew, still can use green jade Li Zhu or glazing candle to wait after rub-up again gush in order to keep bright and clean. If be infected with oil stains carelessly, makings of usable pure cotton cloth, towel dips in right amount and neuter suds is wiped, use blot of dry cotton cloth next, do not swab with water directly. The Pi Sha after cleanness is sent, can on gush special leather cleaner, wipe for many times repeatedly with silk, prevent coriaceous ageing.
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