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Cany art furniture make ten million trade
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Groups of Linyi is small Zhang Zhongyou leaves school 20 years old do poineering work, year sell ten million cany art furniture should search 10 big intranet business "

Zhang Zhongyou just spent birthday 22 years old, his working way lets a lot of envy with age person: Sleep to in the morning in the morning 9 when, mouse of dot is in the home gets online as a whole the job of 10 staff of him company, a month goes to a company a few times only, and the sales volume that art home resides his cane to have close ten million every year... but, the person that admires him does not know, mere he still is for satiate abdomen 3 years ago and roam about everywhere work, to overdraw in the set up shop on the net credit card buys computer, a week does not have money to have a meal, rely on to drink water to be being maintained completely. Last week, his Qingdao " affection resides furniture flagship store along the cane " net of the treasure that be cleaned out is judged for year 10 big intranet business, the network business company that this is Qingdao obtains this special honour first.

Escape class addiction leaves school actively

"I do not go to a company commonly, be afraid of the person that follows client and Wu of industrial and commercial duty face-to-face contact with, they feel I just cannot be chief 22 years old, so I chose the assistant with an old age to be in charge of pair of external affairs affection. " the course is contacted with all possible means, the reporter just is in Shandong the road saw inside the office of an office building " affection resides furniture flagship store along the cane " general manager Zhang Zhongyou, the Zhang Zhongyou that was born 1986 looks an old head on young shoulders, very simple and honest. He from ridicule be " escape class king " , 2002, he faces graduate of Shu profession technical secondary school from Linyi, took an examination of university of Qingdao broadcasting television institute of industrial and commercial government, this is this country big boy comes first Qingdao, attend a college to can be read, old father raises money with all possible means in the home, talent pool became enough annual 5000 multivariate tuition. But, arrive on big 2, zhang Zhongyou waits for no less than going to in the school, "I escape every day almost the class gets online, the time became long feeling is to be between billow take time, still be inferior to coming out. " Zhang Zhongyou was dealt with subsequently leave school formalities, he says, he also is to feel distressed annual 5000 yuan tuition.

Roam about work seek to live on

Come from rural Zhang Zhongyou, leave school after entering a society, did not think this kind to do poineering work " great " thing, the first his idea seeks to live on namely, earn impediment. 2004, he in Lao hill Sino-South Korean an Internet bar does net canal. When annual end, he seeks an opportunity again to Yangzhou, it is to be in company of form a complete set of a finance to become first civil member, abdication came out to do not have the job later. By 2005, the job of the member that he found replenish onr's stock fortunately in bazaar of a stage endowment, the position at that time cries " control of merchandise " , have 1000 multivariate income every months. But, zhang Zhongyou not " set one's mind at " , still want to do bit of dicker on the network, at that time to buy computer of a family expenses, he overdraws credit card, the flower became smooth all money, before sending salary full a week, rely on to drink water to maintain completely.
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