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9 exceed mark pollution to basically come from new furniture into formaldehyde o
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The presence of pregnant woman room that nearly 9 is become is indoor air pollution. Beijing building decorates committee of association environmental protection to was announced yesterday, beijing first investigation of circumstance of pollution of condition of core of room of pregnant woman room has ended, 352 when undertake detecting undertake new clothes is repaired inside year with the pregnant woman bedroom that purchases new furniture, formaldehyde exceeds bid have 314, formaldehyde basically comes from new furniture.

4 big reasons cause pollution

In room of 352 pregnant woman, formaldehyde releases chroma under the country " standard of indoor air quality " only 38, 10.8% what hold investigation sum total. And in room exceeding bid, exceed bid highestly 9 times.

Expert analysis, cause pregnant woman room to pollute the reason that basically has 5 sides badly: It is half the number the complete that be decorated by room of investigation pregnant woman is not worth half an year, be in harmful material to release fastigium; 2 it is new furniture formaldehyde is released serious, it is main pollution source; 3 it is room area small, indoor decorate and furniture density is big; 4 it is partial room ventilated and bad; 5 it is to detect time is worth Xia Qiu to make season, temperature is higher, humidity is bigger, quickened harmful material release.

As we have learned, begin from September, north is installed assist environmental protection appoint those who began by a definite date 50 days is free treat corrupt activity, end the end of this month, exceed bid room of double above pregnant woman already finished processing entirely, 8 amount to mark basically into above.

How to administer room exceeding bid

One, exceed bid 1 times the following, the window is ventilated can amount to mark basically; Exceed bid 3 times the following, can apply activated carbon to undertake adsorption to polluting a source; Exceed bid 3 times above, the proposal uses chemical method to undertake administering, include smooth accelerant, air accelerant, formaldehyde cleared agent.

2, put greenery, wait like bracketplant, green trailing plants, sago cycas, it is certain to have purify action.