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Cany bamboo furniture returns to city family
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Before some year once for a time the cany bamboo furniture of disfavor and its goods, mat of screen of sofa of chair of bed resembling a cane, cane, cane, bamboo, bamboo and cany box, return to city family sadly again in recent years, and more and more get the welcome of people and favour.

According to connoisseur introduction, in the cany bamboo furniture of nowadays, have the Western-style furniture that behaves typical and Euramerican style already, have the furniture of Oriental emotional appeal that accords with characteristic of Asian country people again. If deserve to go up,these canes make furniture and so on of desk of the tea table of various geometry appearance, phone is put in capacious and bright sitting room, can show master knowledge, grade, temperament and accomplishment more.

Charge for the making of sth. is mixed subtly bookshelf of screen of sofa of chair of the cany table with original model, cane, cane, bamboo, cane, color mostly natural guileless and simple sense is strong, what take urbanization in primitive syncopation is decorous, make the bedroom is full of carefree, free from worry, halcyon natural sentiment. In the meantime, use a cane to make furniture still can reduce the those chemical fibber plank, plastic, paint, coating, environment that sticks the chemical goods such as glue to bring to pollute greatly. On the market, the circular cane of vitreous mesa makes table and furniture of combination of chair of thick cane all directions very conspicuous. In addition, the double drawer desk with concise and cabinet, lively bulk, lover desk, distinct, strewn at random have the vine that send almirah, multi-purpose lamp holder of ark, stage all make a person fondle admiringly.

Cany bamboo furniture uses pure natural plant to raw material weaves and be become, the cany bamboo furniture that yellow of these weak white, ivory or annatto color put inside the bedroom in summer is most appropriate. Arrived in the winter, if give them to deserve to go up,thick fabric or loose cloth are covered, the home that can build a warmth more ranks an environment.