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Careless work out tastes countrywide occupation standard to give heat
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Careless work out tastes the traditional agriculture products that is peaceful wave city, already had 2000 old production histories up to now, and Yin city element has " the countryside of Chinese Lin grass " , " Chinese grass organizes base " wait for a title. As we have learned, at present careless goods of Lin of peaceful wave city exports a quantity to amount to left and right sides of 80 million dollar, occupy 80% above of the whole nation.

Lift brand to register upsurge

In recent years, the guiding that industrial and commercial substation increases Yin state division to taste a brand to careless work out ceaselessly gives aid to strength, encourage experience farming enterprise to start a shop sign registered trade mark, actively, make grass makes up goods to be in domestic and international market is fast and outspread. Pass those who increase pair of bibcock businesses to give aid to at the same time strength, make produce produce business and distributor to enhance brand consciousness, increase ability to change investment, enhance the market competition ability of the product.

Current, grass of Yin state division makes up products company to form the consciousness starting a shop sign of active health gradually, among them " China equipment " , " sincere " , " Huang Gulin " had been maintained to be Chinese well-known logo. Be in enterprise of Chinese well-known logo drive, the brand of other company registers enthusiasm to also be ignited, the company that has had more than 50 % nearly two years put forward brand to register application to door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Occupation standard of formulate whole nation

This year in August, grass made up goods to have countrywide occupation standard eventually, and this standard is by Yin city Ou Ningbo leaves sincere handicraft limited company, China equipment makes up limited company of handicraft of cloth limited company, Huang Gulin, Ning Bo 6 Lin such as limited company of development of Tian Yun agriculture. Current, " careless work out tastes the whole nation light industrial occupation standard " already began to be carried out in the whole nation.

As we have learned, careless work out is tasted also is the produce that Yin state division participates in countrywide standard formulate first times and obtains approval to carry out. Sectional chief represents Yin state related industrial and commercial substation, careless work out tastes the whole nation light industrial occupation standard is resource of brand of industry of Yin city conformity, carry pair of produce businesses transform, begin industry economy combination and annex, realize brand dilate, make the optimal implementation form that makes strong brand greatly. After the standard is carried out, our country grass weaves tasted product quality will have safeguard more.