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Cany art amorous feelings
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Light, cool, fully -- , the people in summer goes after 3 enjoy greatly, just is cany art furniture those who bring people to experience is optimal and wraparound. Draw materials the plant cane in tropics or semi-tropical virgin forest, be full of honest rural breath, lightsome and comfortable, cool breathe freely, the environment that can let household more press close to is natural, regression is natural, also let us answer recall before that relaxed and carefree life extract.

Be lost in meaning of cany affection cane

See be used to the glass in living in adornment adds iron, the frozen face of reinforced concrete, the primitive breath of desk of cany chair, wood and natural colour can give you trifling visual sense certainly those who go up is cheerful. Cirrus colour and lustre is downy, have better tenacity, use it to be able to add bit of nature to vogue. Perhaps be 29 simple canes make furniture only, the atmosphere in the home differs completely. Match in lobby, balcony even a few small canes make flower wearing, tea table, little bit compose is built those who gave aftertaste of for a long time is carefree.
Cany art, one each like that the crystallization of creed and modern technology. Between Shan Yelin downy, the quiet and beautiful of brook water gully is braided by wonderful ground amid. Sofa of a qualitative glider of a piece of cane, cane or it is a few canes only those who make up is small handicraft, you can discover the cane braids the cool idea that gave summer not only, more braid a plain rural amorous feelings.
In cany wind, invite a free and easy, satisfied summer.

Cool and refreshing summer from " cane " begin

The cane is a kind of prickly that grows in tropical forest plant of palmy division scramble, have 13 kinds, have 600 kinds foregonely among them. The cane is the longest can exceed 185 meters. Because the cane is the place that grows at tropics and moisture, grow so rate is rapidder, conduit is bestrewed inside its bine ministry, make its property soft consequently, thick and hard cortical make its have doughty quality, accordingly cany essence is firm in the belt is soft, it is to be used make music system furniture and a kind of when braid handicraft very good raw material, also plant as a result of this unique character, it can touch the phenomenon that suffer and decreases to cause material burst and systole because of bigger difference in temperature and wet difference.

Natural Yuan Teng is phyletic and numerous, distributing extensively at world each district, fill the selva area that originates in southeast Asia, South America and Africa especially. The cany material breed that suits to make high quality furniture nevertheless is not too much, because high-grade furniture uses a cane to ask not only,material pledges good, and must resourceful, crop is stable. In country of numerous productive cane, because Indonesia is located in equatorial selva region, all the year round sunny, rainwater is abundant, soil of rich volcanic grey matter distributings extensively at numerous islands, natural condition is quite advantageous, the cany material that so place produces not only breed much, crop is big, and cane is brawny, full, well-balanced, quality is superior.
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