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Is skill of hundred years cane denied walk out of cold winter?
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Viewpoint: Establish guild, the standard manages action, avoid malign competition, it is the urgent affairs of industry of heavy Zhen Teng

Core clew: Elegant cany cloth, comfortable rattan furniture, cool cane banquet, be the rage of Ceng Zaiguo inside and outside. Nanhai yellow Qi regards domestic cane as the birthplace of goods, already had 150 old histories, and ever with " cany countryside " far and near is famed. However, at this late hour, cane of yellow Qi folk art facing contradiction and dilemma however: It is cany industry on one hand on the wane; And on the other hand, cany product market is extending gradually however. Recently, the reporter is in place village appoint below the help that meets a staff member, head for yellow Qi secrete respectively the village seek by inquiry such as strong, Bai Sha civilian cane art fabricant and cany already battalion person.

Promote decline the history

Furniture tide
Control cany product
"Huang Qi ' 8 countryside ' , ever 10 much people rely on a cane to have a meal. Ever 10 much people rely on a cane to have a meal..

The be in fashion for a period inside cany industry Ceng Zaiguo. Pursue cany trade Yan Jianju of vice-chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of county of 50 old, former Nanhai tells a reporter, going up early century 50 time, after home executes joint state-private ownership, 168 canes business door jointly owned established the throughout the country's biggest Nanhai cane plant, cany product basically sells as far as to and other places of Western Europe, North America at that time, in home still be extravagant consumable, the banquet that buy a cane asks a concern even. According to the estimation at that time, be in only Huang Qi " 8 countryside " , having 10 much people at least is to rely on a cane to have a meal.
To on 80 time reach the century at the beginning of 90 time, cany furniture is in gold period in home market. The prices at that time is very good, furniture of rattan of domestic frenzied scare buying, the small mill of experienced worker reopen of factory of cane of a lot of Nanhai, drive the furniture that make a cane day and night. Because small mill just seeks an amount one-sidedly, bring about quality of domestic cane product to drop.
Enter 20 centuries 90 time metaphase, apply extensively as air conditioning of plastic product etc, cany goods " cool and comfortable " advantage not answer exist, course of study of yellow Qi cane begins comprehensive atrophy. And furniture tide change quickly, the cany furniture design that mill type produces is not quite high-grade and original, be very popular no longer in home market, also be the main reason of be on the wane of trend of industry of cane of yellow Qi folk. Because flow to cany product of abroad to having strict quality to guard a pass, foreign market is able to withhold. After having good public praise, a lot of foreign traders still come to Nanhai to search supply of goods before Muming.
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