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Design furniture designs lifestyle to let furniture take a smiling face namely
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Reflect the furniture that changes feeling, vigor, fashionable life.

The personage inside course of study puts forward, "Choosing furniture also is to choose a kind of way of life, designing new furniture also is to design a kind of new way of life " . Change ceaselessly through the style, the function is updated ceaselessly, after the development process that engineering technology perfects ceaselessly, furniture entered affection to appeal to seek level. Furniture also is sentient, the affection demand people blends in furniture design, design some kind of lifestyle for you, this is the new trend that current furniture develops.

Design furniture designs lifestyle namely

Kang Naideng is happy from shop store long Luo Weifeng says, furniture is product of material of a kind of function not only, and be a kind wide for all-pervading people skill, it should satisfy certain and specific utility already, should satisfy again view and admire for people, make the person produces some to plant in contact and using a process aesthetic pleasure and cause abound the mental demand that associate. So product of furniture since material, it is artistic creation.

Design new furniture devises way of a kind of new way of life, work, recreational means, recreation way namely, contemporary furniture forward the much way such as practical, muti_function, comfortable, health care, adornment develops. Furniture design resides the life to produce a kind of power of aeriform change as the home that allows people, be stylist people in observation the life, understanding life, design lives.

"The function of furniture is material not only, also be spirit " , chen Hao of advantageous furniture president introduces like that. Chen Hao says like that, design life should reflect human nature to show loving care for, every detail wants perfect. Besides exterior formally reflect besides, reflect go up in detail, it is colour be warmth is not curt, for instance the fundamental color of the bed is white, soft rely on to be able to use red adjustment, in gentle in contain passion. Sound is tenderness is not to close a drawer to give out gigantic collision voice, the feeling of feeling is Wen Run, comfortable and either coarse, frozen. Consumer can choose the furniture of different set according to his lifestyle. Gifted in the design affection, connect frozen steel tube, also can become very cartoon, lovely, move feeling.

Individual character form a complete set satisfies capricious customer

A few furnisher to satisfy the requirement with capricious people, besides the furniture that designs a variety of styles, still designed thousands of kinds of cloth that covers suitably to it, leather and cushion for leaning on, adjust through these coming or the change of softness or solid diversification demand. If these methods are insufficient, still can adopt a change style of a kind of armrest, a kind of skirt places a type, or the lumber part that reveals through cover with paint undertakes modulatory.
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