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"Different region restores ancient ways "
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The home is installed " different region restores ancient ways " design style becomes popularity

The marrow of amorous feelings of region of tribal culture different

Design a style: The design of tribal style is inspirational, originate at first the African earth of length and breadth of land, the material with simple cadence and wonderful feel, this kind of style that contains violent people distinguishing feature suits neuter and tonal room most. Be made for example with current data, gimmick new, the space of rich artistic conception.

Tie-in skill: The cane writes handicraft skill of old totem of Africa, southeast Asia... the excellent performance that is tribal culture, without the marrow that becomes different region amorous feelings exceptionally. The processing of a few detail special afford for thought.

Different moves interest: Style the furniture of diversity of each different, design and act the role of article, can spread out however change a color of countless kinds of household.